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What do successful “Accumulators” such as Warren Buffet, John Rockefeller, Larry Page, and Jean Paul Getty all have in common?

  • They didn’t invest in the newest trends
  • They didn’t spend their days doing “hard work”
  • They didn’t have to come up with their own big ideas

 They activated their “genetic wealth code” by simply focusing on one thing — collecting appreciating assets, allowing them to achieve steady and exponential wealth.

In this “secrets” strategy call, I lay out the step by step process of how Accumulators like you can build a business that finally sets you free. Where you no longer have to “hustle and grind” your way to everlasting wealth.


  • The FIRST STEP you need to take to build a money-making business that you actually love.
  • How to generate wealth by doing what you’re best at, so you can have more free time to spend with the people you love the most.
  • One of the rules that Warren Buffet lived by that made him over a $100 billion.
  • The one thing you need ownership of (it’s not the physical assets) to maintain control over the entire asset.
  • How to leverage your value so you can grow your assets at an astronomical rate.
  • TWO IMPORTANT WAYS to convert your assets into more zeroes into your bank account.

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About Trey Stinnett

Also known as "The Flow Coach," Trey was hand-selected and mentored by the Creator of Wealth Dynamics to teach entrepreneurs how to live life in flow so they can maximize their income without working all of the time and make a positive impact on the world.

A serial entrepreneur since 13 years old, Trey has owned and advised companies in more than twenty-five industries and personally mentors dozens of entrepreneurs using the systems you will learn on this strategy call.

Word on the Street

Ivan P

“After only 10 days of working with Trey, I made $47,000 in revenue! The simplification was a game changer for me. Thank you!”

Elmari V.

“It’s because of this awareness you’ve created in me that now I know what I’m looking for, where I need to be and what I need to own up for. Getting real with what I need and where I’m going has made the biggest impact so I thank you from the bottom of my heart”

Michael B.

"I feel like I have a ladder I can start climbing up now. I’m immensely grateful for the work that you and how you make this so clear, actionable and personable. Thank you!”