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On Demand Wealth Dynamics Masterclass & Assessment

Jump right into this exclusive masterclass to help you experience more abundance and peace around how you earn money.

Imagine discovering a new path that allows you greatly increase the amount of money you are making.

And imagine that path is actually easier than the path you are on right now.

In fact, it’s not easy work… it just feels that way because it’s the work you are best and enjoy doing.

This workshop is designed to give you what most of the books, courses, and coaches completely miss.

The critical element that is the final piece of the puzzle to unlock abundance in your life…


That is… you will discover your “golden thread.” Which is your personal path to making money in flow. Beyond worry and concern, where you’re in momentum day after day.

You’ll become more familiar with your superpowers in business as well as your blind spots. And learn how to cover those blind spots with a team (even if you think you can’t afford them!)

If that isn’t life-changing enough. You’ll also learn about the “Wealth Map” that shows you how to 10X your income revenue regardless of your career or industry should you be brave enough to take on the challenge.

Your ticket comes with a free Wealth Dynamics Assessment ($97 value).


What You Will Learn

✅ Wealth Dynamics - A deep dive into the system behind the 8 entrepreneur archetypes teaching you how to find your golden thread to build wealth in a state of eagerness and fun!

 Team Dynamics - Map out who you need on your team to keep you in your “flow zone” where you’re working in your genius and loving what you do

 The Flow Formula - The 4 step process to get yourself into a positive momentum with money and consistently grow your wealth

 The Wealth Lighthouse - The 9 levels of wealth from broke to billions and how to ascend them in flow (or how to identify the right lifestyle level for you)

 The Clarity Process - A decision making process that helps you diagnose any problem and find its solution within minutes


Who This is for

🙋‍♂️ Small business owners ready to scale themselves out of the day-to-day so they can focus on growing their business and enjoying their lifestyle.

🙋‍♀️ Side hustlers who want a clear path on how to create more financial flow, possibly even to replace their career.

🙋 Business owners who want to create more flow on their team and better understand which projects to put their energy into right now

🙋🏿 Investors who want to understand their own path to abundance and bring more flow to their team(s).


Who This is NOT for

❌ People who are not interested personal or business growth

What you'll get:

  • Wealth Dynamics Masterclass ($270)
  • Wealth Dynamics Masterclass Workbook PDF
  • ​Wealth Dynamics Assessment ($97)
  • ePower Pack Training Guide ($197)

Frequently Asked Questions

 What Specifically will I learn from this workshop?
During this workshop you will learn how to navigate the business world with more clarity and confidence than you have ever had as an entrepreneur. You will discover how to measure where you are (by trust rather than by income) and identify the exact steps you need to take to increase your flow (money + time + fulfillment)
 Do I have to already own a business?
This workshop is designed to help you find and increase your flow. Whether you are in a job, or you are running a seven-figure business, the principles are the same. The actual steps you will take, however, are drastically different. This workshop is all about customizing the ideal plan for you.
❓ How do I know if it's right for me?
If you feel like you are not earning at your full potential or life is a grind, if you are ready to build your ideal team, or you need your existing team to run the business from the inside while you work on it from the outside - then this is for you.

Praise for the Wealth Dynamics Workshop:

Trey transformed my mindset through his workshop by taking me to the mountain top to see myself from the future then asking the right questions. He gave me invaluable tips and tools to navigate the next 90 days during the global crisis which has made 2020 an exciting year of change and growth. Trey is transparent with sharing his personal experience which adds a layer of understanding and approachability to his coaching. Thank you for bringing so much hope to my journey.

Sylvia Tam

I recently had the pleasure of attending a Wealth Dynamics Workshop facilitated by Trey. While the content was filled with inspiration and powerful insights for the Entrepreneurs in the room, it was first and foremost a Master Class in watching a very gifted facilitator embody his genius and divine self expression. Trey is superb at what he does! Should you come across an opportunity to experience his gifts, say yes. You'll be so happy you did!

Rebecca Kirson

Trey killed it on the WD Workshop. He led us down the path so that we can put together our personal plan for the next 13 weeks. Thank You so much Trey, Grace, and all my fellow attendee's for making my investment in this time pay dividends!

Brett Bennet

Trey is an outstanding teacher! He teaches information that is easy to understand and fun to learn along. His Wealth Dynamics Workshop has been a huge help in understanding my Genius and how to move up the Spectrum.

Jing Chai