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According to the Ancient, Easter Wisdom of the IChing...


The Wealth Dynamics Assessment will tell you exactly how to find flow creating, capturing, and growing your wealth.


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Like a lot of entrepreneurs, I used to think that
making money has to be hard work.

I believed that the only reason I had any success was
my commitment to the grind:
>  Working crazy hours
>  Neglecting my relationships
>  Ignoring my health

I was proud of how hard I worked and what I had achieved, yet at the same time felt
exhausted and unfulfilled...



Me (right) with the creator of Wealth Dynamics, Roger James Hamilton (left) on a ski trip to Whistler, BC.

until I discovered 

Roger-Hamilton & Trey Stinnett

I started living according to my profile, seeking flow, and following my path to wealth

 And while I didn't become the richest man in the world, I did become truly wealthy

Doing what I want...

where I want...

with whom I want...

Take the Wealth Dynamics Test

ACE Community Rate $77

"Wealth is what you are left with when the money goes away."

- Roger James Hamilton

How to Get the Most out of Wealth Dynamics

Take the Test

Find out which of the 8 Wealth Archetypes is yours so that you can better understand your strengths & weaknesses and begin to consistently show up in your natural genius - getting more done in flow.

Study Your Archetype

Read your report and the bonus material so that you can begin to model the right people and ignore the advice that may be right for others but is wrong for you.

Live Your Design

Begin to see your life through the lens of your profile, start identifying other people's profiles and build alliances that keep everyone in flow operating in your respective zones of genius.

Take the Wealth Dynamics Test

ACE Community Rate $77

Praise for the Wealth Dynamics System 

Emma P

I did my Wealth Dynamics assessment in 2009, at the recommendation of a friend as I was trying to work out what to do with my life. I am one of those people that can pretty much do anything, but I found myself always doing everything.

Once I understood my profile as a Mechanic, I started to read up on other successful people with my profile and understood the benefits of having an uber powerful team of people around me. I went on to set up my first successful business.

I always recommend Wealth Dynamics to anyone I work with and all the businesses I am involved with to help them understand their own pathway and I’ve watched it help entrepreneurs make some really important decisions about their future and I know it’s certainly helped me!"

Richard A

 "When I discovered WD, it was a lightbulb moment for me. I suddenly understood that there were different paths to entrepreneurial success. I am a Creator profile. I learned that I need to focus my time on creating, not on managing or completing.

The results Today, we’ve raised more than $2m, funded 98 entrepreneurs and built a full-time team of 14. The people we’ve mentored have already raised 14.5 times the amount we’ve invested in them and positively impacted the lives of more than four million disadvantaged people in India.

Last year, we were honoured to win the ‘Most Innovative Social Enterprise Award’ from The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE)."

Marianne C

When I trained to be a coach, I was told it was my job to sit there quietly, speak very little, and take myself out of the picture completely. The problem was that I was bursting with ideas, desperate to inspire and the times I got the best response was when I dared to share my own story.

After every session I was drained, sometimes in tears for no reason, and began to avoid taking on new clients. At the encouragement of a friend I did Wealth Dynamics. The results blew me away. I was a Star.

Understanding my profile allowed me to finally give myself permission to let go of who I thought I should be let me finally be who I really am. No more hiding. Turns out what I thought were my weaknesses were actually my biggest strengths in disguise.

David A

"The greatest thing I learned about my Wealth Dynamics profile is that it’s a WEALTH profile and not a personality or skills profile.

I am a mechanic profile with a strong creator secondary profile, in the past I tended to take on the wrong projects or focus on the wrong part of joint projects, so instead of wealth flowing to me, I had struggle, stress and frustration.

In December of 2010, my company almost went bankrupt and I lost 90% of my operations team in one week. Knowing I am a Mechanic, I rebuilt the company from the base up systemizing core client delivery and cash management functions.

I learned to divest in roles that are not my highest core value delivery as fast as I can and as soon as I have systemized them, making it easy for others to take over. We now have a 45 person team with 5 open positions."



Take the Wealth Dynamics Test

Ace Community Rate $77

The Wealth Dynamics System


Take the Wealth Dynamics Test
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Trey Stinnett (The Flow Coach) is a life-long seeker, serial entrepreneur, and the co-founder of the Academy of Conscious Entrepreneurs (A.C.E.).

You know how a lot of entrepreneurs start out excited, just to end up feeling like their business owns them?

That is exactly where Trey was before he discovered Wealth Dynamics. In 2018, Trey flew to Bali where he teamed up with the creator of Wealth Dynamics to bring flow to his community of Conscious Entrepreneurs back home in the United States.

Today, Trey travels the world with his wife and 2 daughters introducing thousands of business owners to Wealth Dynamics so that they can live in flow, do their best work, and make a massive impact on others

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