Wealth Dynamics Spectrum: The Millionaire Map

Jul 17, 2022

Once you have discovered your Wealth Dynamics Profile, you will find nine levels for each. This can be visualized as a spectrum with different colors running through it. Or layered in different colored levels like that of the karate belt system. The aim is to step up as many levels as you can. Usually one at a time.

Each level carries its own challenges and will require different skills and strategies to step up. The Wealth profile and wealth spectrum will show you who you are and where you are in terms of wealth.

Having clarity on your level will cause you to re-evaluate your priorities. And identify any blind spots that require attention. Understanding each level of the wealth spectrum can help you see how they all fit together. And, more importantly, where you stand and what you need to do (and stop doing) to advance.

The Three Prisms In The Wealth Spectrum


Foundation Prism

This focuses entirely on controlling your own flow. It all comes down to mastering the wealth that flows through your life as you progress through the Foundation Prism's first three levels. Regardless of the state of the world, you must be able to generate an abundant flow of value and money in your life.

Understanding your own wealth is the foundation of the Wealth Spectrum. By knowing how to build solid wealth foundations, you can keep yourself from always going back to the same level in life.

Enterprise Prism

This prism focuses on mastering the flow of the markets. Levels four through six concern your capacity to control money flow through the markets. Specifically, how well you can manage investments and enterprises to transfer value and money to your teams and the markets, you do business in.

You can only enter the Enterprise Prism once you've mastered the Foundation Prism. This is where many entrepreneurs get trapped. As they try to master market flow without having mastered personal flow first. Learn more about flow in our Wealth Formula here.

Alchemy Prism

This level is focused on controlling worldwide flow. The Wealth Spectrum's top three levels are concentrated on the knowledge of the wealth that permeates our societies. This degree of wealth and flow is only attained by a very small percentage of people. Within this prism, the rules of our markets are defined and money itself is produced.

Infrared Level: The VICTIM

The lowest end of the Wealth Spectrum. The infrared is below red. Typically, you are in a worse position than you were the month before. That means you are accruing more and more debt. If you have any spare money, you'll spend it on a shopping spree. If you want to move up from this level (and reverse the bleeding), you'll need to accept responsibility for your finances and make a shift in standards.

Red Level: The SURVIVOR

In the red level, a person is typically just surviving. This means they are paying their bills, but there's no surplus money. Someone at this level has a low-paying job, has high living costs, or is self-employed but barely scraping by.

Orange Level: The WORKER

A person in the next level is the worker. You are positive cash flow in the orange level and can save some money every month. A worker could be someone self-employed, but they trade all of their time for money at a high daily rate. When the worker stops working, the cash flow stops coming in.

Yellow Level: The PLAYER

When someone reaches this level, they are no longer trading their time for money. An entrepreneur here has the freedom to be wherever and work whenever. However, if they stop working, the sales or business slows. They've figured out their offer and have a scalable service or product to deliver and sell.

Green Level: The PERFORMER

When you reach green, you are on the level of enterprises. The first three levels are how you use wealth dynamics internally for yourself. When you reach the level of performer, you are now using it externally with others. Green is where you start asking, "how can I make you money?". Rather than just "how can I make money?"

Managing a team profitably requires different talents and expertise than working for oneself. But whether you own investments or businesses, the benefits are massive. There is a catch, however, that you still have to be a group member.

Blue Level: The CONDUCTOR

Once you have succeeded as a wealthy performer, the next step is to evolve into a conductor. Once you have done this, you go from facing the audience to facing your performers. These also require a different set of skills that are hard to master. A conductor doesn't even play an instrument like the performers.

Blue is at the peak of the enterprise prism. This is the level that frees you entirely from having your hands full. The blue level has numerous investments and is skilled with both money and capital. 

Indigo Level: Trustee

This is the first step into the Alchemy prism and the level that billionaires occupy. These are often market makers in their industries.

Trust becomes your most valuable asset when you have mastered the enterprise prism and is one that you can monetize in many ways. If you comprehend this level, you will view the world's wealthiest people from a fresh perspective.

Due to the high-profile status of being at the Indigo level, the price you will pay will be your privacy. Security may be necessary due to what you symbolize.

Violet Level: Composer

We are now at the level where money is no object. The people at this level may be the ones printing the currency and deciding where it goes. They may also set the taxes we pay and create the rules we have to abide by.

The composer is a governing figure. Recently more business owners, community members, and leaders are now taking up the role of composer and rewriting the rules. You need both the group's vision and trust to get to this stage.

Ultra-Violet Level: The Legend

Anyone at this level would be seen as an ikon and a symbol to live by for many. They leave a legacy, and their name becomes associated with their composition. We can effectively navigate by having a context for the ninth level's steps.

Many composers use Legends as the standard they want to live up to. Composers who are in the process of changing the world will use these legends to explain the message to the masses.

Take The Wealth Dynamics Spectrum

There are nine levels of wealth. Currently, you are at one of the levels. You must understand which one you are at. So you can plan your next move accordingly.

We discussed earlier that some entrepreneurs try to go to the enterprise spectrum before mastering the foundation. This knowledge and clarity could have saved them a lot of time and money.

The Millionaire Master Plan Test will show you where you are on the wealth map. You will receive instant results. Once you have this, you will receive a full report on the next steps based on your level.

Having these tools available will help you advance quicker through the prism levels. If you don't have them, you may not progress at all. Or even understand why.

What you get when taking the test:

  • Your wealth prism - Find out what prism you are in.

  • Your wealth level - Understand what exact level and your plan.

  • Your pain and gain - Understand the costs and benefits of your level

  • Your three steps - Find the three steps to move you to the next level? These give you a clear path you can follow immediately

  • The Wealth Profiles - Learn what strategies each Wealth Profile uses to move through each step within the Wealth Spectrum.