What Is Wealth Dynamics? The Breakthrough Entrepreneurial Profiling Tool

Jul 05, 2022

The Wealth Dynamics is a profiling system that provides clarity on your path to wealth creation with little resistance. It discovers your critical way to wealth by conducting a profiling test.

Wealth Dynamics is a progression of Jungian psychometric testing into definite action and thinking dynamics that centers on entrepreneurs. It could be traced to the roots of personality profiling in Chinese philosophy, which came before Western psychometric testing for 2,500 years.

Apart from being an entrepreneurial profiling type report and list of soft recommendations, Wealth Dynamics provides an intuitive system that offers an entrepreneur the following:

  • Clarity on the path to success with very low resistance.

  • One of eight wealth paths with several renowned role models and profiles.

  • Creating the right team and focusing on the suitable activity using a six-step system.

  • Links to development in the business to create clarity on the leadership process.

  • Links to country, industry, and lifestyle trends for creating clarity on the moment winning formulas change to losing formulas.

Also, it is a vital instrument for entrepreneurs, giving essential Wealth formulas for step-by-step actions to attain prosperity.

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Wealth Dynamics At A Glance

Many people believe there exist hundreds of routes to wealth. With Wealth Dynamics, you will come to know that there are just eight paths to wealth and that one of them is right for you.

These paths are listed by successful people who have accumulated wealth through their natural ways. They realized the dynamic wealth match that works for their talents. Could you think of Richard Branson as a sportsman or Bill Gates as an artist?

Each of them discovered the natural talent that suits him and capitalized on it. They took the path that they had confidence in, their path of low resistance, and they became successful. Why don't you find your path to allow you to benefit from your natural strengths and succeed? Now, Let's look into the eight Wealth Dynamic profiles.

The Creators

A creator encounters no stress trying to initiate! They are intuitive and good at creating profitable ideas and companies. Unfortunately, they are not good with the management of a company. Successful Creators like Walt Disney will pass on all they can but never the creative process.

The Mechanics

A mechanic is a perfectionist who knows well how to finish things rather than create them. They strive to give the best finishing touches to the creation process of businesses to make them better. A good example is Henry Ford.

The Stars

One can easily find a Wealth Dynamics Star. Of course, there are film, music and sports stars. Nevertheless, CEOs with high profiles can as well be considered stars. They use the advantage in the strength of their personality and know the pressure of having to deliver always. An example is Oprah Winfrey.

The Supporters

A supporter has loads of energy and enthusiasm and is a great networker. Supporters can accumulate great wealth if they search for a Star, Creator, Deal Maker, or Mechanic and join forces with them. An example of a successful supporter is Steve Ballmer.

The Deal Makers

A Deal Maker is an entrepreneur who uses relationships, connections, and the ability to react instinctively when there are the best opportunities to use a relationship or association. Donald Trump is a very good example of a deal maker worldwide.

The Trader

A trader naturally sorts out bargains; they love to haggle to derive great satisfaction in a great deal. People of this dynamic profile are also good at looking for high-price buyers. Such as George Soros.

The Accumulators

Incremental growth is the instrument for this wealth dynamics profile. They are patient and disciplined and will stick fast to a successful system. A great accumulator is Warren Buffet

The Lords

The Lord profile likes to take control over the whole thing. You will find a lord in places where there are fixed assets that are generating money. They do not like to be famous like the stars and only want to create silent wealth. An example is Ingvar Kamprad.

How Wealth Dynamics Works

Wealth Dynamics uses the wealth dynamics profile to study the user's peculiarities, characteristics, productivity, values, and collective behavior, to discover his most natural path to becoming a wealth accumulator.

People have always used the trial and error mechanism to determine what path is right for them. It is unfortunate as the real money they make in the business may be lost on the stock market. Losing the money gathered while working for someone else when you try to start your own business is more distressing.

Therefore, wealth Dynamics was designed to eliminate the Trial & Error system and provide its users an image of their path to significant wealth accumulation by a profiling system. More so, to allow users to find the mechanisms and the six steps they need to focus on. Also, learn about the six steps and take necessary actions.

Wealth Dynamics use a psychometric test to evaluate one's personality, strengths, productivity, values, and collective efficacy. You are neither stressed nor bored when you are in flow, and you are more effective and efficient in your professional and private life. It provides a clear objective for the user and broadens the user's comprehension of himself to a whole new level. 

Why You Should Take The Wealth Dynamics Test

Wealth Dynamics offers an entrepreneur a definite image of what path to take in his business and investment by guiding them to:

  • Have clarity on what advice to utilize and which one to do away with it. Also, to make them realize which opportunity to take and which should not be accepted.

  • Trail the path of the successful role models right for them as everyone creates wealth differently. For instance, Oprah created his in a way different from Warren Buffett's.

  • Have deep knowledge of the industry to build and manage viable teams that work in flow.

The Wealth Dynamics Test links your talent to the business category and makes you learn to prevent your winning formula from becoming a losing formula.

After finding out your Wealth Dynamic Profile, you are ready for the next step! Each Wealth Dynamics Profile has nine levels. Imagine it as a spectrum with different colors running through it. We call this the Wealth Dynamics Spectrum. This spectrum allows you to track where you are in terms of wealth and your goal is to step up each level until you reach the top. Click here to find out more about how the Wealth Dynamics Spectrum works and why it is important in building your wealth.

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If you're still unsure and need more guidance, work with a business coach who can walk you through the whole process. We understand doing this alone can overwhelm you, and guidance from an expert is the best option you have to save your time and make sure you're on the right path. Learn more about how you can find the best business coach to work with here.