Wealth Dynamics Profiles: A Breakdown Of the 8 Pathways To Wealth

Jun 11, 2022

The Wealth Dynamics profiles was a concept created by Roger James Hamilton. 

Wealth Dynamics is a branch of Jungian psychometric testing focusing on entrepreneurs' actions and thought dynamics. Personality profiling is rooted in Chinese philosophy, predating Western psychometric testing by 2,500 years. Wealth Dynamics is more than simply a profiling report and a list of soft recommendations; it is an easy solution that gives an entrepreneur:

  • Clarity on the path to success with the least amount of resistance.
  • Eight pathways to choose from, each with a list of recognized role models and biographies.
  • Building the proper team and focusing on the correct task with a six-step process.
  • Links to the development stages in business, giving transparency on leadership succession.
  • Links to industry, country, and lifestyle trends, clarify when winning formulas become losing formulas.

Wealth Dynamics is not a scam. In fact, it is a must-have tool for entrepreneurs. It contains crucial formulas for achieving personal wealth in a step-by-step manner. Here is the list of 8 Wealth dynamics profiles:

The 8 Wealth Dynamics Profiles

Wealth Dynamics is the world's most popular entrepreneur profile tool. Its quiz helps you to find which of the eight wealth profiles is the most natural fit for you. Check out why you should take the Wealth Dynamics Entrepreneurship Personality Test here.

Here are the 8 profiles in more detail below (you could also watch Trey give a detailed breakdown)


The Creator

Creator Wealth Dynamic profiles are exactly what you would anticipate from the business sector. These people are intuitive thinkers. Intuitive thinkers face the least resistance when it comes to producing new value through their products and businesses. Successful innovators are enabled by their intuitive thinking in seeing connections that would be imperceptible to most individuals. When given the time and space they will figure out the optimal method.

Examples of famous creators include Bill Gates, Richard Branson, and Walt Disney.

The Star

If you have a Wealth Dynamics Star profile, you probably enjoy being on stage or in the spotlight. Stars perform best when they are the center of attention. Similar to creators, stars are intuitive thinkers.

Stars receive their most valuable feedback in the spotlight. They find their flow while on their feet. As a result, they can change their attraction to the move. Their personal magnetism is their most valuable asset.

Michael Jackson, Michael Jordan, and Michael Schumacher are all examples of stars.


Supporter profiles are excellent at developing relationships. However, they are typically unable to utilize their capacity to generate long-term riches, in a way that is enjoyable to them. This is because they have little or no love for systems. The value they generate is easily lost. One of their main strengths is translating value into action through people.

Some examples of supporters are Jack Welch, Steve Ballmer, and Steve Case.

The Deal Maker

Deal Makers have great communication skills. They are influencers and negotiators with a great sense of timing. A good deal maker doesn't always have to be in the limelight as a star but can operate with their ears to the ground.

Deal makers rely on the relationships around them. They can use their sweeping gestures to make massive deals in an instant. As they become more accessible, the value of a Deal Maker increases. They are always on the move and on the phone. Their wealth is created by finding opportunities in the market. The new value created benefits all parties involved.

Some famous Deal makers are Donald Trump, Rupert Murdoch, and Li Ka Shing.

The Trader

Most top-tier trader profiles have been buying and selling all of their life. In one form or another. They enjoy the test of finding value in a market. Bartering at the right time comes naturally to them.

They love finding the margins in market value, and so it comes naturally. Whether getting a bargain at the flea market or making a billion on the currency markets. The best traders have a steady nerve ingrained in them. Buying and selling assets they deem to have value over periods of volatility is no problem for them. They have a pre-determined plan, and they stick to it.

Top traders include George Soros, Peter Lynch, and Jim Rogers.

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The Accumulator

The Accumulator respects a system to create wealth incrementally. Many people select this path to achieve wealth. But because it is the slowest, most get itchy feet and move on before achieving their goals. The Accumulator profile often goes unnoticed as their gains are small but steady.

Unlike a short-term trader who can ride on the wave of short-term volatility to execute a trade. Accumulators make money by buying and holding through rising tides. Accumulators are always planning ahead. The most successful ones are always found doing their homework.

Some famous Accumulators are Warren Buffet and Paul Allen.

The Lord

Lord profiles often control of significant assets such as natural resources and man-made structures. Lords are often introverted analyzers. They act slowly but have confidence and certainty in their own niche. They generally hate risk and jump on trends to maximize their cash flow.

Examples of some great lords are Andrew Carnegie, John D Rockefeller, and Jean-Paul Getty.

The Mechanic

Although they may not necessarily have any charismatic leadership qualities, a mechanic profile has the ability to control and manage people through duplication and replication. They love to challenge the status quo.

Sometimes they will miss the bigger picture as they get too caught up and focused on the more minor details. They tend to be perfectionists. And are always on the lookout to do things in a better way.

Some famous Mechanics include Sam Walton, Ray Krok, Jeff Bezos

Need Help Mastering Your Wealth Dynamics Profile?

The Wealth Dynamics profiling method helps reveal your wealth-creation route of least resistance. It determines your unique route to wealth with a profile exam. The link between these profiles is further explained by the wealth dynamics square system.

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