Wealth Dynamics Lord: Profile Breakdown & Wealth Creation Tips

wealth dynamics May 05, 2022

You took the Wealth Dynamics personality profile to learn more about yourself and your natural path to wealth. Your Wealth Dynamic match was with the Lord profile, which confirmed what you’ve always known, and may have been urged to tamp down: that you’re organized and detailed. You hate wasting time and you have no desire to be a leader.  You’re most successful when you’re crunching numbers, analyzing inputs and outcomes, and creating systems. 

If you’re feeling impatient and wondering what assigning you the Wealth Dynamic's profile title of “Lord” has to do with your future success, we’re here to help you see how to maximize the strengths of your Lord traits and put yourself into a position where they deliver, and where they are both valued and richly rewarded.

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Wealth Dynamics Opens the Path Of Least Resistance

In case you’re new to Wealth Dynamics and what it can do for you — and has done for so many others — we’ll start by explaining how the personality tool opens the path to least resistance for entrepreneurial wealth.

Each of us has our own natural strengths and weaknesses and personality traits, but not all of us are taking advantage of the paths where those characteristics most organically lead. If you’re a Wealth Dynamics Lord but you’re in a leadership position, you’re expending energy in an area that is foreign to you – and probably emotionally and psychically exhausting.

Throughout your life you’ve been told that you should strive to be more or less of something — in the case of the personality identified by Wealth Dynamics profile you may have been told that you need to ‘get out there more’ and do some networking, or to stop being so caught up in the details. Does “you’re missing the forest for the trees” sound familiar?

The problem is that the more we work to a model that feels foreign or try to fit into a role that’s outside of our comfort zone, the unhappier we are, and the less successful we are likely to be. We may train ourselves to do something that doesn’t come naturally, but the Wealth Dynamics wealth creation dynamic illustrates that we’ll never achieve our flow when we do so.

The Wealth Dynamics profile test does more than label you as a Lord. It explains how to take advantage of the strengths of your wealth profile – one of eight possibilities. Identifying your profile is the first step to finding your flow and your place, either on your own or as an integral part of a wealth-building team.

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If You’re A Lord, You’re in Good Company

There are only eight wealth profiles identified by the Wealth Dynamics tool. The Lord profile is the least likely to be capturing headlines, or even to be recognized, and that’s the way they like it. But shunning the spotlight is not the same as sacrificing success. It’s just that a Lord would rather quietly calculate and implement from behind the scenes than be a deal maker or stand in front of a crowd.

So, who has Wealth Dynamics identified as notable Lords who’ve achieved wealth and leveraged their analytical, detail-oriented natures to success?

Successful Lords

·    John D. Rockefeller– Renowned for his controlling leadership style, Rockefeller founded Standard Oil through total control of the industry.

·     Janet Yellen – The first woman to serve as the head of the Federal Reserve Board, Yellen is known for being highly analytical while keeping a low profile

·     Andrew Carnegie – One of the richest Americans in history, the noted industrialist and philanthropist created his empire by maximizing profits and minimizing inefficiencies.

·      Angela Merkel – The former German chancellor was trained as a quantum chemist before entering politics. Her success has been attributed to her careful, quiet assessment of the factors involved in each situation she encountered.

The fact that you know their names is not a result of them seeking attention for themselves. It’s a result of having followed their natures and quietly using their talents to excel and achieve the results that they strove for.

Finding the Path to Your Own Success, Based on Your Natural Flow

Wealth Dynamics teaches you that you can do the same, using your innate abilities and tendencies to grow your wealth in a way that is far more enjoyable and rewarding than following a path that somebody else has engineered for you.

The Lord Process: Introverted Analyzers and Aggregators

In a work environment, a Wealth Dynamics Lord will be positively allergic to meetings and unlikely to be found in the lunchroom chatting. They far prefer to remain in their office where they can quietly crunch the numbers, fine-tune strategies, and measure successes. Lords don't like chaos as much as Creator profiles do. Creators are a great addition for Lords on their team.

Putting a Lord in front of a computer monitor makes them happy while putting them in charge of a team is a critical error. They are far more interested in calculations and creating value than in people or pep talks, and if allowed to do so they will help their organization make more money and drive it to greater success.

Rather than dreaming up new products, building them, or promoting them, a Lord will study the details to identify the most efficient system for achieving success. Though they get pleasure from being consulted for their expertise, they have little interest in team roles or in being involved in the process they create. They will eagerly await the results achieved by others for whom outreach and application come naturally, then use the data from those results to assess the effectiveness of their modeling and further refine it to increase success. They don't want attention like the Star Wealth Dynamic profile and like to create wealth quietly

The Wealth Dynamics model shows us that placing a Lord within their flow means letting them do what they’re best at – gathering the details and producing the strategies that all of the other team members can use to get the job done.

Recognizing a Lord’s Strengths and Weaknesses

While you may have been intuitively aware of your natural proclivities, the Wealth Dynamics profile identification is the first step to understanding exactly how you can use them towards wealth creation, and what a mistake it can be not to do so.

Wealth Dynamics teaches us that the key to success is to allow yourself to tap into your flow and place yourself within an environment or team that supports it so that you can use it to its best advantage. That means understanding both your strengths and your weaknesses so that you can highlight your talents and hand off your weakness to another team member whose talents will similarly shine.

Lord Strengths

A Lord is not a risk-taker, and that’s a good thing. They can be relied upon to closely examine each scenario to ensure that they have not overlooked any important aspects of a system or strategy before moving forward. Their high level of organization and attention to detail may drive their team members to distraction, it but will also ensure that nothing is left to chance.

Lord Weaknesses

Lords are both controlling and extremely likely to become impatient with distractions, and that may include their teammates, colleagues, and even an organization’s clients. They are at their best when left to do their work on their own and allowed to convey their work product and analysis in writing for others to communicate and implement. Following the Wealth Dynamics model, delegating the “people-oriented” tasks to others allows them to continue their laser focus and provide the support and resources essential to the team's success.

Where a Lord Will Thrive

Lords love data and details. They thrive on routine and revel in the ability to simply put their heads down and apply their talents without the distraction of meetings and — as long as they know they are valued and able to do their work — without need for accolade or fanfare.

Wealth Dynamics shows us that individuals identified as Lords have natural abilities that mean that they are of greatest value in the areas where the most attentive detail needs to be paid. In business operations, they will thrive in positions as auditors, accountants, and financial management. In the sciences, they will be superior in quality control and measurement. They are meticulous proofreaders and editors, thorough fact-checkers, and remarkable analysts.

Where a Lord Will Falter

Needless to say, a Lord’s tendency towards impatience, their gravitation towards privacy and their need to control all aspects of their work will make them a poor choice as a team leader, a sales professional, or any other position that requires people skills. A Lord who takes on or is assigned this type of responsibility will truly be a square peg in a round hole.

Lords and Wealth Creation

Lords may not be innovators or actors, but that does not mean that they’re not wealth builders. It’s just that they use their talents in a different way. Rather than moving forward with flash, they will quietly take control of assets and put ever-improving systems in place that eventually create wealth. Their skills lie in eliminating risk and inefficiencies and uncovering unseen attributes that move their goals forward. Their position and value within a team is foundational, supportive, and essential. 

If you've already taken the Wealth Dynamics Test and know you are a Lord, or you've been reading this and think it sounds like you. Then you are in luck. There is a step-by-step path to building wealth naturally, regardless of your industry. And, since there is only so much knowledge I can put in a blog post, I created a free training dedicated to helping you find your unique path to flow.