Wealth Dynamics Creator: Everything You Need To Know

wealth dynamics Feb 22, 2022

What do Walt Disney, Bill Gates, and Richard Branson all have in common?

If your answer is "their businesses make more money than mine," you wouldn't be wrong. But the similarity in how they got there, is far more fun. All three of them are the same entrepreneur archetype known as the Wealth Dynamics "Creator".

A Creator is derived from Roger Hamilton's Wealth Dynamics System.

The truth is: each of us has our own path to wealth and, when you understand which path is yours - you'll make way more money and have way more fun in the process. Perhaps you are a Creator profile yourself. Maybe you've never heard of Wealth Dynamics. Either way, in this article I'll explain to you the Creator's path to wealth and detail their strengths and weakness - their keys to success as well as most common pitfalls.

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What is Wealth Dynamics

Created by one of my mentors, Roger Hamilton, the Wealth Dynamics system brings together Eastern philosophy and Western economic principles to unveil 8 "Wealth Dynamics Profiles" or what we call "entrepreneur archetypes" here at ACE.

So much more than just another personality profile assessment like Myers Briggs, DISC, or Kolbe, Wealth Dynamics reaches back to the 5,000 year old Chinese I Ching bringing the wisdom of nature into the business world. When you truly learn how to live according to your natural design, you can unlock a flow of wealth to you that never ceases. One that is easy to attain and almost too much fun.


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Creators in a Nutshell

Now that you know what Wealth Dynamics is, let's dive into the first of the 8 wealth profiles: the "Creator."

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The Creator's Super Power

The first of the 8 Wealth Dynamics profiles, the Creator is what we expect from the business world. Intuitive thinkers, find the least resistance when they are creating new value through their products and companies. Given the space to puzzle out the best strategy, successful creators are aided by their intuitive thinking in spotting connections that would be invisible to most people.

If you are a Creator profile, you probably already know this. You're likely creating things all of the time. This is why the path to building real wealth is all about "building a better product." Whether that product is a physical product, a service, or a whole company - the creation itself is what continues to scale and produce wealth. Many Creators miss this opportunity, simply trading their time (and creativity) for short-term money instead of creating long-term wealth.

Some do choose to enter the business world, but many of those creators fail because they don't realize that the creative process is their superpower. Rather than living in their zone of genius, they run around copy-catting other people's strategies. They actually resist creating and miss out on their opportunity to build true wealth. They think it's "too easy" to amass their fortune from an idea, so they take the hard route to wealth, over and over.

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The Creator's Kryptonite

You can often find successful creators coming up with new products and new companies and their greatest creative breakthroughs come when they have the financial backing and right team to keep them inflow. Creators are the best at getting things started, yet struggle with finishing things. This Wealth Dynamics profile is the worst with timing. Unless they have the right person at their side, Creators will often overestimate their team's capabilities and underestimate how long the project will take to complete.

Consider Elon Musk. He's built a personal brand as the new Henry Ford, yet new Tesla models can never seem to ship on time. A true Creator, he's managed to fine-tune his marketing genius and keep people on his side with sweeping gestures like launching a Roadster into Space or running a Twitter poll to see how much stock he should dump. You'd never know he was testing people's patience. Perhaps it's all the Tesla stockholders giving him a pass - they know that what he has created enriches their lives, so they'll wait longer for the product than most others.

Famous Successful Creators

In addition to Gates, Musk, Branson, and Disney, famous Creators include Albert Einstein, Steven Spielberg, Steve Jobs, and Thomas Edison. Not the best negotiators or even team leaders, Men are known for their ingenuity and big ideas, and even bigger personalities.

If you are a Creator profile, I highly recommend you read biographies about these great examples as they all intuitively followed the same path to success. You can find a list of such books at the bottom of your profile report after taking the test

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The Ideal Team for a Creator

Unlike a Trader profile, Creators are visionaries. So dialed in on the "ideas space" they can float away without the right people to ground them. One of the first things we teach business owners at our Flow Workshop is how to identify the first two members of your team. The trick comes from understanding what makes each of the 8 profiles similar and different from one another.

Like Steve Balmer at Microsoft or Jack Welch at General Electric, the Wealth Dynamics Supporter profile is the Creator's right hand. With a knack for leading, Supporters possess a social genius that eludes even the most extroverted Creators. They are not the ideas people but have enough grasp of the big picture to drive the team to success.

While they are better than Creators with timing, Supporters lack the organizational skills and are weak when it comes to systems. This is why the third member of a Creator's "Flow Team" is the Accumulator.

Where the Supporter connects with the Wealth Dynamics Accumulator on timing, the Creator connects with them around systems. As fast as Creators move, imagine how powerful it would be to have someone with the timing and systematic thinking of a Warren Buffett on the team.

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A Creator's Wealth Foundation

Before building a house it's important to pour a foundation. Many entrepreneurs with this Wealth Dynamics profile want to rush ahead build things the moment they think of them. They get these huge ideas and want to start building them immediately. Forget a house, these Creators want to build skyscrapers! In which case, it is even more important to build a solid foundation.

That's why, as a Creator, your biggest priority should be to build a team around yourself to support and execute the right ideas and plans. The truth is no great feat was ever accomplished by a single person anyway. All of the Creators we admire had teams, and you're going to need to have a ready source of financiers and supporters for each new idea or run the risk of being full of ideas with no way of acting on them.

More introverted Creators don't have to start companies with teams though, they can invent products for others to sell. After all, deal makers rely on Creators to have products they can take to market for them because creativity is not in the deal maker profile

Creators share dynamo energy with the Wealth Dynamics Star profile. However, Creators will set the stage and Stars will be the center of attention. 


How Wealth is Created

Let's quickly review how Creators can create wealth.

A philosophy of Abundance

Here at ACE, we believe in abundance. That there is enough for all of us to thrive. If you look around you at all of the wealth that is on this planet and compare it to, say, 300 years ago. It's not hard to see that the total amount of wealth increases over time. That's because wealth is not some finite resource that we are fighting over. Instead, wealth is created by individuals living in their genius.

For the Creator, that comes from how much time they invest in dreaming up new ideas, products, and strategies. This may come as a surprise to Creators that have not been following their natural path to wealth - but it's true. The part that comes easiest is your genius, and Wealth Dynamic is about building your life around staying within that genius as much as possible. The key here is to choose a market that you are passionate about and dominate it.

That said, the idea itself isn't wealth. In fact, we define wealth as "what's leftover when the money goes away." Think of a lottery winner. Broke into millions and back to broke within a few years. There was no wealth. Yet, if you run a reverse lottery on someone like Oprah Winfrey, where do you think she'd be in five years? Right back on top.

Before you can go out and create wealth, whatever your profile, you need to understand that wealth has two components - value and leverage. The key is that you focus on one at a time.

First - create value in the market in a way that builds trust. That could be free content, a product, connecting people, providing financing, or finding a deal. When you solve someone else's problem in a way they are willing to pay for - you've got the first step down.

Second - you want to leverage that value. Find the people or systems you can use to take your business to the next level. For example, having a solid product with proven results and then hiring someone to sell it for you - which fits in perfectly with a deal maker's value should you build relationships with them as advised above.

That's the formula. Wealth = Value X Leverage. The more deeply you understand this and apply it to your business, the easier life gets. 

Creating Value as a Creator

As serial entrepreneurs Richard Branson has so many times demonstrated, value is as simple as building a better product. Focus on maximizing your business or product's unique selling points and you'll have given birth to a new value that never existed before. Something worth leveraging. 

Leveraging Value as a Creator

Speaking of leverage, if you want to grow super fast - then find a way for others to leverage your creations profitably. That's called "Commercial Value" and can lead to exponential results. Just don't get carried away with too many desperate ideas - identify and build a niche you can dominate.

If you are an extroverted Creator, then you can leverage your value by multiplying your reach and the productivity of your business through distribution networks and mass production and by magnifying your brand and goodwill through marketing and partnerships.

If you are an introverted Creator, then you'll want to secure licensing agreements with distributors (why it's good to align with successful deal makers.)

Are You a Creator in Wealth Dynamics?

If you've already taken the test and know you are a Creator, or you've been reading this and think it sounds like you. Then you are in luck. There is a step-by-step path to building wealth, regardless of your industry. And, since there is only so much I can put in a blog post, I created this free training to learn the 6 Keys to Building Lasting Wealth just for Creator Profiles.