Entrepreneurial Personality Type: The Best Profile Test For Business Owners

Jun 20, 2022

It takes more than a profitable idea, hard work, a little good fortune, and a competitive advantage to make up a successful business. The personality of the entrepreneur or CEO who runs the business plays a big part in its prosperity.

The Myers-Briggs type indicator is a well-known self-report personality type test designed to show a person's personality type, strengths, and preferences. There are 16 personality types derived from a combination of traits i.e. extraversion (E), introversion (I), sensing (S), intuition (N), thinking (T), feeling (F), judging (J), perceiving (P).

Myers Briggs believes the best entrepreneurial personality type that makes a successful entrepreneur is an ESTP or Extraverted, Observant, Thinking, and Prospecting.

Contrary to popular belief, you don't have to be a type-A personality to be a great entrepreneur.

In fact, you could grow your business building off of your own strengths and weaknesses, just as you are.

There's a better personality test on the market designed for entrepreneurs and will show you how to do this--Wealth Dynamics.

Wealth Dynamics: Looking Beyond The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Test

The majority of folks have had some experience with personality tests of some sort. Wealth Dynamics gives a far more accurate and useful picture of your personality type for business owners than the Myers Briggs or any other personality profiling instrument.

Wealth Dynamics is the world's leading profiling tool specifically for entrepreneurs. The test dates back to ancient personality profiling in Chinese philosophy. These ancient philosophies for wealth profiling help people to identify and live in their "zone" or "flow".

Unlike the Myers-Briggs personality type test, once you know which one of the eight profiles you are, you'll discover the path to create value and leverage it. The Wealth Dynamics test helps you measure those aspects of your entrepreneur personality profile so you could focus on your best choices for the business.

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How Can Wealth Dynamics Help You Be A Successful Entrepreneur

Rather than just being a personality profiling report and summary, Wealth Dynamics provides a proven system that equips an entrepreneur with:

  1. Clarity on where to focus for the path of least resistance to success.

  2. There are eight pathways to choose from, each with a list of recognized role models and biographies.

  3. Building the proper team and focusing on the correct task is a six-step process.

  4. The stages of corporate growth are linked, providing clarity on leadership succession.

  5. Links to country, industry, and lifestyle trends, as well as when winning formulas turn into losing formulas.

  6. How to leverage the Wealth Formula to increase money flow

Wealth Dynamics is an essential tool for entrepreneurs, and it provides essential formulas for step-by-step actions to reach their personal wealth.

Successful entrepreneurs who have achieved wealth through following their natural path say they found the Wealth Dynamics match suited their talents.

The Importance Of Working Alongside Your Entrepreneur Personality Type

Why should entrepreneurs care about personality types? Well, the secret to our wealth is hidden inside our DNA. The Wealth Dynamics test not only reveals your entrepreneur personality traits, but you'll also get insights into where you'll struggle and thrive in business.

Becoming increasingly aware of your unique Genetic Wealth Code™ allows you to activate abundance in your life.

This tool will help you locate your strengths and weaknesses in your entrepreneurship personality and give you a roadmap specifically tailored to your skills. By understanding your profile and the personalities you work best with, your business will be less stressful and even more fun. Picture yourself focusing on the solutions to problems you handle best, and leaving the parts you dread to employees.

Wealth Dynamics profiling takes on a profound role in the understanding of the necessary energy frequencies which an entrepreneur can harness to amplify attraction and build wealth systematically.

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What Do You Get After Taking The Test?

Here is a list of assets you'll receive after you take this entrepreneur Wealth Dynamics test.

  • A personalized and detailed 36-page report on your profile - Receive a complete breakdown of your profile, and get a real-world road map for how to scale your company from where you are at.

  • Role models or leaders with the same profile to follow - Follow the right entrepreneurs based on your entrepreneur profile. Oprah created wealth very differently than Donald Trump.

  • What winning formula to put into place depends on the cycle of time - depending on where your business is, a winning formula can be a losing one. You'll need to put into place the right plan of action at the right time.

  • Understand who your ideal team is - In the report, you'll discover how to create a winning, world-class team that leverages your strengths and minimizes your weaknesses.

  • Get clarity on your path and direction - figure out the key steps you need to take to scale your business. You'll find out what opportunities to say "yes" to and what options to say "no" to. 

Take The Wealth Dynamics Test Today!

Take the Wealth Dynamics test to discover what profile you are and how you can begin to consciously scale your business. It's a 5-minute test to discover your unique route to entrepreneurship success and begin building wealth in a way that works for you.

Your customized report will provide you with clear guidance on how to proceed with your work, business, and investments.

Why make things difficult when you can just go with the flow?

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You can also try the free ACE flow quiz to help you determine your profile.

Wealth Dynamic Entrepreneur Personality Types

There are 8 Wealth Dynamics profile types. Let's quickly review the details of each profile.


A visionary of sorts. Someone who is great at creating profitable ideas and businesses, but struggles with the day-to-day running of a business. They are natural-born visionaries and leaders who enjoy a little extra risk. By leveraging their creativity, ideas, and vision, Creator Wealth Dynamics profiles tend to find success. Finishing projects is not a strong point of Creators.


A person who shines in the spotlight. They rely on the strength of their personality to do business. Their personal magnetism draws people in to listen to whatever they have to say. Naturally, the folks who listen become customers. Read the Star profile breakdown post here.


A mechanic is someone who likes to make everything better or fine-tuned. They prefer to finish things rather than the start. The mechanic personality type is a perfectionist. Creativity is not their strong suit. Read our full page of the Mechanic wealth dynamics profile.

Deal Maker

Someone who relies on relationships, and connections and is able to react intuitively when the best opportunities when present. Deal makers are typically living in the moment, focusing on deals in the immediate reality, and tend to forget about plans or details of the future.


Networkers with loads of enthusiasm and energy. They earn their wealth by supporting the other wealth profiles or other entrepreneurs. The supporter personalities have trouble with being the center of attention. Read more about the profile here.


Traders naturally hunt out bargains, love haggling, and get immense satisfaction from a great deal. Wealth Dynamics Trader profiles are masters of the timing process. One of their biggest weaknesses is Traders fail to plan ahead.


An accumulator is focused on incremental growth. They prefer to stick to systems for success. This entrepreneur personality type likes to optimize contributions and minimize inefficiencies within the team. Read more about the accumulator profile here.


A Lord Wealth Dynamics profile loves to control everything in their life. Absolute certainty is their best friend and they had risks. They'll often come up with ideas to invest in fixed assets to generate long-term wealth. Lords are notorious for being controlling and extremely likely to become impatient with distractions. This can impact their teammates, colleagues, and an organization’s clients.

Now that you've learned what the different personality types are and how one can leverage his strengths and weaknesses to create wealth and achieve massive success, are you ready to take the first step and bring your business to the next level? If you're still unsure, this article about entrepreneurship personality test will explain why knowing your personality type is so important and how it is considered a game changer in building wealth.

Once you discover your personality type, you're ready for the next step! Unsure what to do next and you feel like you need some help from an expert? Talk to someone who's well-versed with the process and who can walk you through each step. Here are tips on how you can find the best coach.