Wealth Dynamics Mechanic Profile: What You Need to Know

Jun 03, 2022

Want to get out of the funk that living the "hustle" lifestyle brings? Wealth Dynamics can help you improve your work-life balance by giving you the tools to identify your strengths and build a team that can help your business thrive.

The Wealth Dynamics system is a great way for entrepreneurs to identify their skills and abilities. Entrepreneurs can utilize their Wealth Dynamics profile to hone their unique talents to optimize their business processes. This system helps business owners create a diverse team whose ventures thrive. This article will highlight one specific profile: the Wealth Dynamics Mechanic.

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How Does Wealth Dynamics Work?

The four elements (wood, fire, earth, and steel) are found on the outer planes of the Wealth Dynamics square and represent qualities that an entrepreneur displays and drives their business style. You can find eight wealth profiles between these four elements that dive deeper into one's qualities, strengths, and weaknesses: Mechanic, Creator, Star, Supporter, Deal Maker, Trader, Accumulator, and Lord.

Keep in mind that each profile type has two wings: the profiles immediately to the left and right of your specific profile. These wings indicate neighboring traits that your profile type shares. So while you receive a profile type when you take the Wealth Dynamics assessment, you also have wing profile types whose characteristics you may identify with as well.

For example, if you are of the Mechanic profile, your wings immediately to your left and right would be the Creator and Lord profiles. Your main qualities and strengths would lie in the Mechanic profile, but you could also draw strength and skills from the Creator and Lord profiles. This is helpful knowledge to have on hand when you need to push your comfort zone and tackle a new task.

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The Mechanic 

Let's do a quick rundown of the Mechanic profile's natural elements, characteristics, and the perfect team to build around their strengths/weaknesses.


The Mechanic profile lies directly between the elements of steel and wood. This means that an entrepreneur in this profile showcases qualities relating to both elements.

The wood element is representative of spring: a time of new growth and the natural path. Those with wood energy have a dynamo frequency and are dynamic in nature. People in this region of the square are intuitive, think outside the box, and can make thoughtful connections where others may be more grounded and clinical. Some may say they have their heads in the clouds, but really they are connecting dots where others may not see their vision.

The steel element represents a more calm and collected energy. Those with steel energy are introspective, detail-oriented, and are sure to be consistent. Mechanics are known to have an "introverted energy." Many may think this has to do with socializing when actually, it focuses on how things are accomplished. The entrepreneur with steel energy knows how best to do things themselves.

Wings: A Closer Look

As a Mechanic profile, the two wings closely to your left and right are the Creator profile and the Lord.

As the name suggests, the Creator profile represents those who work best in creative and imaginative roles. These entrepreneurs thrive through their drive and momentum on projects and tasks but can be known to bounce from one project to the next and feel stuck once one project has launched. Their creative minds constantly explore what comes next and can be more successful when appropriately delegating more detailed and structured tasks to their team.

The Lord profile deals well with numbers and certainties. Many successful lord profiles in history have secured large masses of money from being consistent and patient in their ventures. Utilizing the detail-oriented mindset, lords can become experts in their niche and become successful by gaining as much cash flow as possible from assets. This is a powerful profile that can control their cash flow in business.


Successful Mechanics have a wealth of qualities that can help them in their business. With combined skill sets from the Creator and Lord profiles, Mechanics have the creator's drive for developing fantastic ideas, along with the detail-oriented mindset of the Lord. Mechanics are tinkerers looking to optimize existing systems and ideas, perfecting them and their success. This makes them perfectionists and great finishers of existing processes. Their intuitive nature allows them to tune into their niche and capitalize on it.

Mechanics: What They Do Well

While Mechanics may not be the best at completing a brand new idea from start to finish, they are incredible at taking existing projects and systems and optimizing them. If you give a Mechanic an improvement project, they are bound to perfect it with their keen eye for detail and drive. Mechanics do well with analyzing and collecting data on competitor businesses to improve and capitalize on their existing ventures. This perfectionism drives their business success.

Mechanics: Where They Struggle

Perfectionism and an eye for detail are essential skills when running a successful business. However, Mechanics can often find their projects taking longer to complete than expected due to their need for things to be "just right." As a result, Mechanics often lean into their introverted energy and rely on themselves to do things their way, "the right way."

This can lead to trouble adapting to new situations and embracing changes to their business or projects. Furthermore, a Mechanic's perfectionist traits can cause paralysis in starting a new venture. Mechanics like details to be in order and facts straight before committing to something new.

Famous Mechanic Types

It is no surprise to learn that many wealthy and famous millionaires and billionaires throughout history are Mechanic profiles. These Mechanics amassed serious wealth by paying attention to numbers, details, and system improvements.

Take Mark Zuckerburg, for example. Many are familiar with the mastermind behind Facebook who ran with his idea for a social media prospect and improved upon it for years, eventually becoming one of the youngest billionaires in the world. Capitalizing on this project for years, Zuckerburg's social media platform is home to billions of users today.

Similarly, Sam Walton of Walmart spent time analyzing competitor businesses to streamline his company. Sam Walton wanted to offer consumers a one-stop shop for their various needs, from groceries to home essentials.

Last, one of the most notable Mechanics is Jeffrey Bezos, who created Amazon to streamline the one-click checkout of online shopping and optimize shipping goods to consumers. Known for starting his business out of his garage, Bezos built his online bookstore into the Online retailer we know today.

Other famous Mechanics include Henry Ford and Ray Kroc.

Not All Mechanics Are Created Equal

Each entrepreneur has a unique skill set, and that is especially true of Mechanics. In the Wealth Dynamics system, spider graphs are a specialized graphic used to break down your individual energy and tendencies and how they relate to the eight Wealth profiles.

After taking the Wealth Dynamics profile test, you're presented with your percentage breakdown of each frequency: Dynamo, Blaze, Tempo, and Steel. Dynamo relates to wood, Blaze represents fire, Tempo for Earth, and Steel for metal. This breakdown shows you where your skillset lies. If two Mechanics' take the profile test, their spider graphs can have different percentages depending on their specific answers.

How Mechanics Generate Wealth

Wealth Dynamics has an equation that is referred to often: Wealth = Value x Leverage. What does this mean exactly? Well, your wealth comes from combining the value of your business with the leverage to ensure its longevity.

The value of your business venture comes from ensuring your systems have passed your checks and measures. This includes stress testing, refining, measuring performance, and extracting value.

Leverage comes from your own creation, including licensing and franchising. This process ensures your ongoing cash flow through your business. You become the master of your systems, and connections will find their way to you because you are the best and most knowledgeable.

The Mechanic Profile: Key Takeaways

The Mechanic profile is a dynamic force to be reckoned with. Successful Mechanics find ways to maximize system potential through their detail-oriented lenses and introverted tendencies to complete tasks. Entrepreneurs in this profile do well with existing products and systems to improve upon and find ways to capitalize on the business's success.

Mechanics' introverted energy and perfectionist tendencies allow them to accomplish things their way through tinkering and refining. Rest assured, Mechanics can take any system and raise it to its highest potential.

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