Wealth Dynamics Deal Maker: How To Leverage Your Talents In 2022

wealth dynamics May 16, 2022

Down-to-earth and loyal, charismatic and engaging. If you’re a Deal Maker who peeked at the entrepreneurial personality type profiles before taking the Wealth Dynamics test, you probably recognized yourself immediately.

You’re the one who’s always on top of what’s coming down the pike, alerting those around you to opportunities and connecting the people who can make things happen. You check in to make sure that everybody’s on the same page, ensuring that they have what they need, and your network is constantly expanding. As a team member, your greatest value is in building partnerships and peacekeeping. You’re a born diplomat.

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Wealth Dynamics Reveals the Path of Least Resistance

The Deal Maker thrives when surrounded by people. A natural conversationalist and entertaining host, you’ve always been most successful when given the opportunity to interact with others.

Acknowledging, embracing, and leveraging your talents — and doing the same with those around you — is the Wealth Dynamics key to greater productivity and satisfaction. When each member of a wealth-building team unleashes their unique strengths, challenges are broken down. The path of least resistance and greatest flow is revealed.

Identifying which of the eight Wealth Dynamics profiles best describes you is your first step to success. Knowing that you have a Deal Maker profile means you’re on the path to the best application of your abilities. Instead of languishing in a role where you are isolated and your talents are stunted, you and your team can tailor your responsibilities to the ones that provide the greatest benefit and wealth potential for all.  

The flow of positive energy that you feel when you’re connecting with people is the foundation on which Wealth Dynamics is built. The actions that inspire and exhilarate you may feel less like work than like play, but when combined with others’ unique strengths they create an unstoppable force.  Wealth Dynamics reveals how to use your capabilities to deliver impressive collaboration and results.

The Deal Maker Difference

When Deal Makers are in flow, they’re paying attention to the world around them, sensitive to what’s happening, calculating how best to take advantage of an opportunity, then creating the connections that lead to success. They combine a great sense of timing with their innate ability to bring assets and people together and facilitate connection.

We’re all familiar with the stars among Deal Makers. They’ve achieved success in the business world through their ability to spot possibilities and use their vast network and resources to make them into reality.

Successful Deal Makers

  • Donald Trump – Before Donald Trump became the 45th President of the United States, he made his name — and his millions — through his uncanny ability to make everyone around him feel good and then leverage the relationships that he built. Never far from a phone and always listening, he intuitively sensed how to put deals and people together, growing value and his brand from every connection that he made.
  • David Geffen — An extraordinarily successful businessman and billionaire, David Geffen has been called one of the most brilliant dealmakers ever to work in Hollywood. Working with Steven Spielberg and Jeffrey Katzenberg, he made history by founding DreamWorks, the first new Hollywood studio in fifty-five years. Geffen is known for having a remarkable ability to spot talent and then connect them to the people with the power to put them at the top.
  • Rupert Murdoch‑ The Australian-born tycoon found his niche in media more than 70 years ago, and has been acquiring newspapers, television channels, book publishers and other related businesses ever since. Noted for his interest in acquiring assets rather than creating them, Rupert Murdoch ranks high among the richest people in the world and continues to orchestrate transactions well into his nineties.

The Deal Maker’s Strengths and Weaknesses

Deal Makers have an almost magical ability to take in information and recognize the best way to use it. This profile has the potential for limitless success as well as devastating failures depending upon whether they’re free to leverage their strengths and whether their weaknesses are shored up by the team around them.

Deal Maker Strengths

Unlike a Wealth Dynamics Trader who buys and sells assets to earn, Deal Makers gather money and resources. who Your gifts lie in your ability to communicate and cajole, influence and engage. You are sensitive to what is happening and understand how to take advantage of both connections and opportunities. Your team understands that your talent works for everybody and that you are the person who will make sure that everybody is working at the top of their game and getting along in order to accomplish the end goal.

Deal Maker Weaknesses

Because you believe so strongly in the deal, you’re prone to moving forward without a plan, without analysis, and without the resources needed to back you up. This inability to get tied down by details or limits can result in failure.

The Deal Maker’s Strengths Can Enrich Everybody

Not only do Deal Makers tend to make everybody on their team feel good about themselves, they’re also able to build wealth through the relationships around them. Whether they’re listening, learning, and spotting opportunities around them or building on what the Creators and Stars around them make available, when allowed to leverage their strengths and provided the appropriate support, they can be remarkably successful. They partner naturally with Creator and Star profiles, both of which move too quickly to be bothered by the details of making money from their innovations.

Minimizing Deal Maker Weaknesses                                    

Though Deal Makers are often the first to accumulate wealth, their exuberance for connecting people and making deals can lead them to skip over details. They get so caught up in possibilities that they fail to analyze risks. Rather than tamp down the Deal Maker’s enthusiasm, the Wealth Dynamics process suggests that their flow is balanced by the Lord profile's meticulous attention to detail, or the energy, enthusiasm, and time provided by Supporters.