Wealth Dynamics Supporter Profile: Guide To Create Wealth

May 26, 2022

If your Wealth Dynamics profile test identified you as a Supporter, you’re a born leader who loves to be around people.  Supporters are at their best when they’re motivating, inspiring, and encouraging a team, uncovering talent, and rewarding passion for the organizational goal.

Though they have enormous stores of energy, Supporters differ dramatically from Creators, Mechanics, and Deal Maker profiles. Rather than participating in the creative process, planning systems, or creating new ideas, Supporters are best suited to organizing others into turning those systems and ideas into reality.

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The Wealth Dynamics Profile Tool is Far More than a Personality Test

Unlike a personality test, the Wealth Dynamics profile tool that identified you as a Supporter highlights the unique characteristics that, when properly applied, create business success.

As a Supporter, you possess strong interpersonal skills that have served you well throughout your life but to convert your leadership talents into true wealth, you need something more. You need a roadmap that will ensure that you’re connected with successful creators and deal makers.

By working with people who are all headed in the same direction, each optimizing their unique innate abilities, you'll be more likely to succeed, and have more fun doing it too. That’s what Wealth Dynamics is all about. It's a winning formula for businesses and individuals alike, and the profile tool that recognized you as a Supporter is just the first step.

By opening your eyes to your strengths, your weaknesses, and the positions to which you are best and worst suited, Wealth Dynamics guides you to your flow and purpose.

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Natural Path As A Supporter

Instead of wasting your talents on tasks that deplete and frustrate you, you’ll navigate a path where you are free to do what you do best. It's the key to finding true joy and freedom in your work while at the same time opening yourself to the opportunity to achieve true wealth alongside and in tandem with seven other Wealth Dynamics profiles.

The road to wealth creation relies upon blending your ability with those of others who excel where you fall short.  When a team liberates each member to amplify their strengths, they allow talent to shine. The entire organization finds a natural flow that leads to endless opportunities for success.  

The Wealth Dynamics journey begins with the identification and acknowledgment of who you are and how you best contribute to a business. It makes the organization more productive and opens you to the opportunity to achieve your full potential.

Supporters: Strong Leaders who Inspire Confidence

As a Supporter personality, you believe in your people and live to make them shine. Supporters are loyal to those who have created the value they’re working towards as well as to the teams that they build.

They are filled with enthusiasm and devote their energy to recognizing and rewarding passion and encouraging their teams to continued success.

Rather than innovating, creating, or seeking attention, you skillfully lead your team and — once they meet and exceed all goals — redirect all praise to them. Supporters are born to careers as managers and leaders, and their accomplishments are legend.


Successful Supporters

Let's look at some successful supporter profiles you may have heard of.

Jack Welch

You’ll find Jack Welch’s name included on any list of the world’s greatest corporate leaders. Chairman and CEO of General Electric for two decades, he increased GE’s value from $12 billion when he became the company’s youngest CEO in history to $410 billion when he retired.

Because Jack Welch so firmly believed that his company’s strength was in its people, he devoted the majority of his time to their development, particularly to differentiating and nurturing those who were stars.

He created a review structure that rewarded the top 20% of staff and motivated those under to elevate themselves to the same level of passion and pride. By 1999 he had been named “Manager of the Century” by Fortune Magazine and set the standard for all other executive leaders.

Meg Whitman

The list of companies that Meg Whitman has led is long and illustrious, and a strong indication of her talent as a leader. Previously president and CEO of Hewlett Packard, CEO of Quibi, and an executive at The Walt Disney Company, Dreamworks, Procter & Gamble, and Hasbro, her reputation for excellence was built during the ten years that she was president and CEO of eBay.

During her time at eBay, the company grew from 30 employees and $4 million in annual revenue to more than 15,000 employees and $8 billion in annual revenue. Her success as a leader rests in her belief in the companies she works for and her focused leadership.

She described her work at eBay as “endlessly interesting,” and successfully encouraged that same level of commitment and passion in the company’s employees.

Supporter Strengths and Weaknesses

Extroverted, intuitive, and sensitive to what is going on around them, the Wealth Dynamics Supporter focuses on relationships and draws their energy from building confidence and passion in others.

When allowed to lead, the teams that they build become the engines that fulfill their organization’s goals, but a Supporter will quickly become frustrated if asked to divert their attention to tasks that they don’t think to support the overall mission.

By allowing Creators to assume the creative process, Wealth Dynamics Lord profiles to manage analysis, and Mechanic profiles to build systems, they are relieved of stress and free to apply their talent and let their natural flow benefit the entire organization  

Supporter Strengths

As a Supporter, you are best when building a team, cheering them on, and encouraging them to apply themselves with energy, skill, and passion. Your loyalty flows in all directions, and you are your organization’s biggest fan and true believer.

Supporter Weaknesses

Supporters avoid having to make presentations and are far more comfortable when involved in two-way conversations or collaboration than with being the center of attention. They can get distracted easily, so providing them with a clear message and an unambiguous task is essential.

How the Wealth Dynamics Supporter Profile Creates Value 

Every organization needs leaders who can be trusted to assume responsibility for a project and make sure that it gets done – and done well.

This is the Supporter. When empowered to lead a team, they will motivate and praise each member, identifying the best way to achieve the goal and achieve whatever is asked of them.

Supporters are loyal and committed to the organization’s greater good. They work best when given goals that their team can work towards, and derive joy and energy from the process of developing potential.

If you've already taken the Wealth Dynamics Test and know you are a Supporter  or you've been reading this and think it sounds like you. Then you are in luck. There is a step-by-step path to building wealth naturally, regardless of your industry. And, since there is only so much knowledge I can put in a blog post, I created a free training dedicated to helping you find your unique path to flow.