Wealth Dynamics Test Free (Exclusive Offer - 2022)

Aug 08, 2022

Wealth Dynamics is the world's leading entrepreneur profiling test designed to show you how to create wealth in a way that feels easy. The assessment was founded by Roger Hamilton and combined elements from Carl Jung's work on archetypes rooting back to 5,000 years ago and other popular psychometric tests.

There are countless success stories from the 500,000+ entrepreneurs who have taken this genius test and found the most innovative way to grow their business.

We'll show you exactly why this entrepreneur profiling tool is so powerful.

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Why Take The Wealth Dynamics Test?

The Wealth Dynamics test is great because after you take the assessment, you'll receive a personalized path to creating wealth based on your strengths. Let me explain.

You see, most of us have been taught to improve upon our weaknesses and not focus on areas that come easy to us. This type of thinking dates back to when we were in grade school. We were taught to focus on getting better grades in the classes we were not doing well in...and ignoring the classes we already excelled at.

Focusing on the classes we were not naturally great at-- made school feel tough and like a grind.

Many entrepreneurs take the same approach when it comes to running their businesses. They spend too much time focusing on the complex tasks they don't like and waste a lot of time spinning their wheels or burning out.

Listen, the most successful business people in the world do the opposite.

Successful business owners discovered and doubled down on their innate strengths. Instead of focusing on their weak area, they build teams around the areas they are not strong at.

Focus on your natural gifts, and you could achieve wealth much easier. Warren Buffet created wealth differently than Oprah Winfrey. Imagine if Oprah Winfrey followed the same path as Donald Trump to generate wealth...The two just have different entrepreneurial personality types.

By focusing on tasks they are naturally good at, these business owners:

  • Stay in a state of flow and enjoyment

  • Are less stressed out and work fewer hours

  • Maximize their productivity

  • Earn more money

That's what Wealth Dynamics helps you do.

Find Your True Path To Wealth With The Wealth Dynamics Profiling System

After taking the test, you'll be assigned a Wealth Dynamics profile and be given a detailed 36 page, personalized report.

Each profile has a unique path to wealth. Based on your profile, you'll be given clear directions on what to do in your job, business and investments.

The test capitalizes on your specific talents and reveals the path of least resistance to earning wealth. Here are some benefits you'll receive from taking the test.

The Benefits Of Discovering Your Wealth Dynamics Profile

After completing the test, you'll know which Wealth Dynamics profile you are and your pathway to success. You'll:

  • Get clarity on what advice to jump on and what opportunities to leave on the table. In other words, you'll know when to say 'yes' or 'no' for your business.

  • Figure out where the holes are in your business and who to bring on to your team to fill them.

  • Know which role models you should follow to create wealth

  • Find out winning formulas to get to the next level for your business.

After you take the genius test, you'll get an intuitive structure, practical strategies, and modern role models to follow.

Which Of The Eight Profiles Are You?

After you take the test, you'll uncover your personalized path towards entrepreneurial success in a way that feels fun. You'll also be given role models for each profile to emulate.

Let's quickly dive into the eight different Wealth Dynamics profiles.


The Mechanic profile type loves creating better systems. Think of Henry Ford or Ray Croc. They aren't necessarily the most charismatic and tend to rely on replication to get things done.

Creator profiles are great at getting things started but have trouble finishing. On the other hand, mechanics are great finishers but not fantastic at starting. A mechanic rarely ever gets involved in the creation process.

Mechanics love to be hands-on and be in the trenches or get their hands dirty. A Mechanic is an expert in tempo and perfecting a system.


A Creator Wealth Dynamics profile loves, well...creating. They are so great at coming up with profitable ideas, Creators have difficulty focusing on one project and often juggle or jump around different businesses. Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and Walt Disney are famous Creators. They do not focus on the backend, day-to-day management stuff but instead on the creative process. A Creator relies on Supporters to help them look after the tasks. They make more money by actually stepping away from running projects and hire someone to replace them. Creators are not the best in managerial roles and tend to do best when they delegate everything.


It is easy to find a Star profile because they love to shine. A Star loves to perform and shine their light onto others. For example, Oprah Winfrey, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Anthony Robbins are great examples of successful stars. A Star is quick on their feet and is incredible at personifying other people's products. These Stars are masters at taking advantage of platforms and magnifying their own unique identity or brand.


Supporters are great with interpersonal skills and are often the strongest leaders. Supporter does not mean they can not run their own business. Although Supporters struggle with finding the right business to start, they are the support that keeps businesses going. Great examples of successful Supporter profiles are Jack Welch or Michael Eisner. Supporters are masters at delegating and finding the right people to complete a task.

They generate the most wealth by connecting with a Star, Deal Maker, Creator or Mechanic.


The Lord profile in Wealth Dynamics is a master at navigating and managing cash-generating assets. They are more introverted and value looking at the numbers behind a business. Naturally, Lords tend to work in the backend of a business. Unlike Creators who thrive in chaos and love risk, Lords tend to learn more towards certainty. Successful lords to model off of are Andrew Carnegie, John D Rockefeller, and Sergei Brin. They don't need to own assets like an Accumulator. However, they are excellent at squeezing all the value out of each asset.


Accumulators rely on assets and systems to gather wealth. Since they are collecting assets, often they are the slowest at generating wealth. Warren Buffet is the most famous Accumulator profile. They are slow but highly dependable. Rather than buying and selling like a trader, Accumulators make money via intensive research and investing in the right holdings. They are very careful with how they accumulate wealth.


Traders are magicians at trading or buying low--and selling high. They make money by spotting opportunities in the market. Traders buy and sell in the market, unlike a Deal Maker who brings resources together. A big weakness of Traders is that they don't plan ahead. They are very great at operating in trades at point blank. An extroverted Trader can bargain face-to-face while an introverted Trader does it through analysis. Well-known Traders are George Soros and Peter Lynch.

Deal Maker

A Deal Maker Wealth Dynmics profile is great at bringing people together. They are masters at communication and connecting with the right people. Deal Makers are similar to Supporters because they magnify others. They create value by constantly being on the move, picking up a phone and closing deals.

Famous deal maker profiles are Donald Trump and Rupert Murdoch Masayoshi.

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Want To Go Deeper Into Wealth Dynamics?

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