Wealth Dynamics Star: A Complete Breakdown Here

wealth dynamics Apr 28, 2022

Have you ever heard of the Oprah effect? Or wondered what Anthony Robbins and Martha Stewart have in common with Billy Mays from the OxiClean commercials?

Ok, maybe you haven't wondered about that last one, but these are all successful people for the same reason - they are all Wealth Dynamics Stars. People who learned how to leverage their natural strength as people magnets to be of greatest value to the world. They learned to do what they love and follow the path of least resistance.

The truth is: each of us has our own natural path to wealth and, when you understand which path is yours - you'll make way more money and have way more fun in the process. Perhaps you are a Star profile yourself. Maybe you've never heard of Wealth Dynamics. Either way, in this article I'll explain to you the Star's path to wealth and detail their strengths and weakness - their keys to success as well as the most common pitfalls.

What is a Wealth Dynamics Profile?

Created by one of my mentors, Roger James Hamilton, the Wealth Dynamics system brings together Eastern philosophy and Western economic principles to unveil 8 "Wealth Dynamics Profiles" or what we call "entrepreneur archetypes" here at ACE.

So much more than just another personality profile assessment like Myers Briggs, DISC, or Kolbe, Wealth Dynamics reaches back to the 5,000 year old Chinese I Ching bringing the wisdom of nature into business. When you truly learn how to live according to your natural design, you can unlock a flow of wealth to you that never ceases. One that is easy to attain and almost too much fun.


A Wealth Dynamics Star in a Nutshell

Now that you know what Wealth Dynamics is, let's dive into the second of the eight wealth profiles: the "Star Profile."

The Star's Natural Path

Successful stars are at their best when they are shining bright. Like Paul Newman, it's their personal magnetism that draws people in. Which is why people want to hear what they have to say and buy any product they are selling.

If you are a Star profile, you probably don't mind the stage or being the center of attention. Stars are intuitive thinkers like Creators. Yet, while Wealth Dynamics Creators set the stage, Stars steal the show. Failed Stars waste time building products, rather than leaning on their unique identity to quickly magnify other people's products and services. A strategy I call, "The Oprah Winfrey Effect."

Many Stars are Hollywood actors and monetize their natural strengths by default. However, some Star Profiles do enter the business world and have success with their businesses as long as they have the right deputies and focus their energy on their ability to "shine the light' on others (rather than themselves.)

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The Star's Kryptonite

You can often find successful Stars out in front. But Wealth Dynamics teaches us that our superpower creates our kryptonite. Always moving fast and on little information, while Stars can be inspiring, they are also poor managers. And until a Star profile realizes how important it is to build a brand that shines the light outwards, they tend to struggle and alienate people with their constant vying for the spotlight.

Stars are not the best when it comes to details and timing, unlike a Wealth Dynamics Lord. So while they get the big picture, they miss the little things, often showing up late and unorganized. Which is why a Star profile must have a team!

The Ideal Team for a Star

Star profiles exude confidence naturally. And while many consider themselves to be good negotiators, they are no Donald Trump and, thus, need to team up with a successful Wealth Dynamics Deal Maker (think an actress with her agent.)

Often the most valuable feedback I can give Stars is to bring successful Accumulators or successful Lords onto their "Flow Team" to help manage their money. If they don't, true wealth will always elude them as no one can spend money like a star can spend money. (A symptom of making it so easily). Imagine, instead, making money like a Tom Cruise, while Warren Buffet invests it for you!

A Star's Wealth Foundation

Before building a house it's important to pour a foundation. Many Star profile entrepreneurs want to rush ahead with a new opportunity immediately. But if they want their business to really succeed, the fist step must be do define the niche where they can contribute most to others.

This means forming the right relationships: Deal Makers to manage their deals, business teams to manage their company, and support teams to manage themselves!

The winning wealth formula is found when a Star profile can fine-tune their personal brand, growing it year over year, even as their products and businesses change.

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A philosophy of Abundance

Here at ACE, we believe in abundance. That there is enough for all of us to thrive. If you look around you at all of the wealth that is on this planet and compare it to, say, 300 years ago, it's not hard to see that the total amount of wealth increases over time. That's because wealth is not some finite resource that we are fighting over. Instead, wealth is created by individuals living in the genius of their personality.

For the Star profile, that comes from the creative process of refining their identity. Stars thrive when they can create a cult of personality but many fail to create a unique identity that people are able to relate to. For this reason, stars should focus on this over all else until they are very confident that they know exactly how people are describing them to others.

Forget about money, the brand is a Star profile's real wealth. In fact, we define wealth as "what's leftover when the money goes away." Think of a lottery winner. Broke to millions and back to being broke within a few years. There was no wealth. Yet, if you run a reverse lottery on someone like Oprah Winfrey, where do you think she'd be in five years? Right back on top.

Before you can go out and create wealth, whatever your profile, you need to understand that wealth has two components - value and leverage. The key is focusing on one at a time.

First - create value in the market in a way that builds trust. That could be free content, a product, connecting people, providing financing, or finding a deal. When you solve someone else's problem in a way they are willing to pay for - you've got the first step down.

Second - you want to leverage that value. Find the people or systems you can use to take your business to the next level. For example, having a solid brand that people love then hiring someone to book gigs for you - which fits in perfectly with a Deal Maker should you build relationships with them as advised above.

That's the formula. Wealth = Value x Leverage. The more deeply you understand this and apply it to your business, the easier life gets.

How Stars Create Value

Speaking of Oprah Winfrey. She is one of the best examples of a Star. Rather than taking the stage and shining the light on herself, she's aware of her star power and can be trusted to highlight the guests who come on her show, rather than herself. So how did she get to where she is today?

By building her exposure, crystalizing her brand, and fine-tuning her talents to fit her brand. She's consistently been able to link up with other people who have the best products and leverage systems in her market. This has made her a billionaire, not through hustle and grind - but in flow, naturally.

Leveraging Value as a Star

The one thing to always be aware of as a Star is YOU ARE THE PRODUCT. For this reason, the area most important for you to leverage is your time. Be on the lookout for what is low value and, assuming you have the cash flow, delegate tasks to the right person immediately so you can stay in flow.

Instead, focus your time on magnifying your brand. Create leverage through packaging, duplication of content delivery, or promotional materials.

Some Stars join up with a Mechanic Profile to deliver their marketing messages for them. In this example, the Star might not be the "leader" of the business, but they are able to stay in flow naturally using a little more than their personality.

Are You a Wealth Dynamics Star Profile?

If you've already taken the test and know you are a Star, or you've been reading this and think it sounds like you. Then you are in luck. There is a step-by-step path to building wealth, regardless of your industry. And, since there is only so much I can put in a blog post, I created this free training to learn the 6 Keys to Building Lasting Wealth just for Star Profiles.