What Does A Business Coach Do? Here's What You Need To Know

Jul 24, 2022

Business coaching is the process used to move a business from its current location to where the business owner wants it. Business coaches support and guide business owners in running their business by helping them clarify their vision for the company in alignment with their personal goals.

In this article, we'll explain what to expect from a business coach, what services they provide for clients, and the benefits of hiring one. We'll also introduce you to a robust business coaching system that has helped over 500,000 entrepreneurs consciously grow their businesses.

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What are the benefits of hiring a business coach?

Many people are looking to hire a business coach to improve their business skills and help them succeed. A business coach is worth hiring for the following reasons:

  • They can provide the expert advice you may not have considered before.
  • They can help you find the best approach for your business.
  • They can help you develop new skills and improve existing ones.
  • They can offer an unbiased perspective on your business, which is crucial for success.
  • They will keep you accountable, which is essential when reaching goals.

What Should You Expect From A Business Coach?

A great business coach acts as a cornerman for your company, an accountability partner, and a professional guide or mentor. 

The best business coaches have a background in marketing, finance, economics and built successful businesses of their own.

Remember, business coaches, work alongside you to grow your business. So, a business coaching relationship is a collaborative effort.

We'll walk you through the typical process for working with a business coach.

Initial Strategy Call

Let me ask you this.

Would you trust a doctor to prescribe you medication before they listen to your symptoms?

Probably not. So, take the same approach when hiring a business coach.

A good coach will spend time understanding your business and personal goals. They'll ask you questions to uncover why business growth is essential to you, what is working in your business, what is not working, and get a clearer idea of your situation.

If a business coach skips this initial call and tries to pitch you on their "business success" coaching services--I'd be careful. Such coaches may not be looking out for your best interest. A good business coach should only give you recommendations AFTER they spend time figuring out the holes in your business and your specific circumstances.

Make sure you feel understood by a business consultant before you sign up to work with them.

Business Coaching Calls

Many coaches have different formats for business coaching services. Many business coaches do group or 1-on-1 video calls. Depending on the format, you'll typically spend an hour on a call with other students or 1-on-1 with your coach in a Q&A format.

During the call, you'll review your business goals, and obstacles you are facing and receive feedback or tips from the business coach. A business coach will give an outside perspective to solving your problem. The purpose of the coaching call is to help the client receive clarity on the solution for a challenge they are currently facing for business growth.

The business coaches regularly meet with their clients to keep them accountable for sticking with their plans. Remember, a great coach will hold you responsible for your promises, but it is entirely up to you to listen, take their recommendations, and act on them.

Training Or Course Access

Many business coaches offer a course to supplement their training calls. The course usually breaks down their coaching system, process, and offers a game plan or blueprint for professional growth.

What Services Does A Business Coach Provide

A business is like having a highly experienced partner or trainer in your corner. They uncover holes, give you different perspectives, and offer insights to help you navigate running your business.

That may include things like defining goals, offering different business strategies for growth, or devising a plan of action for company growth.

Many different business coaches offer:

  • setting up your business
  • mentorship
  • business plan development
  • marketing or promotion strategy training
  • sales training
  • life coach services
  • sales funnel development

Read our resource for ways to find a business coach.

Wealth Dynamics:

Wealth Dynamics is the world’s leading profiling tool for entrepreneurs. The system was created by Roger Hamilton, a leading wealth consultant.

After taking the entrepreneurial personality test, you'll receive a detailed 36-page report on your designated profile. The report will break down your entrepreneurship personality strengths, weaknesses and uncover your path to wealth.

Over 500,000 entrepreneurs and leaders follow the Wealth Dynamics system and have seen many success stories.

Trey Sinnett coaching

Trey Sinnett leverages Wealth Dynamics coaching systems to guide business owners on the correct course according to their needs. Each of his clients has personalized guidance to create their perfect team and business plan. Trey has used his techniques to great effect with many clients over the years. And has been a public speaker for high-profile business leaders like Daymond John and Tony Robbins.

Trey helps entrepreneurs find and maintain their flow so they can be as effective as possible in their business and personal lives. This helps them raise their revenue, take back their time, and advance personally without boundaries.

Using tools like Wealth Dynamics has been important in his success. Trey teaches business owners how to tackle every aspect of their operations mindfully. Once he identifies an entrepreneur's flow type they begin to live life on their own terms.

Entrepreneurship Personality Types

Firstly you will discover what kind of entrepreneur you are. There are 8 different profile kinds based on your personality. You could either be:

A creator, a star, a supporter, a deal maker, a trader, an accumulator, a lord, or a mechanic.

Trey will use the Wealth dynamics profiling test to determine what type of entrepreneur you are. He uses this to tailor a plan that suits your strengths and weaknesses. Clarifying what type of business person you are will help you understand exactly how you should operate.

Wealth Dynamics Coaching Services

When you have fully figured out who you are, what drives you, and what holds you back. Utilizing it is the next stage in developing your wealth creation formula. The Wealth Dynamics profiling tool allows you to then enter a more productive state known as "flow" with this information. You provide the most value and complete the most work when you follow the path of least resistance or flow.

Next, Trey will use this to create your wealth formula by using the equation:


You will be shown how you create the most value most effectively. And how your personality type can best utilize this using leverage:


This will be determined by the way that you think. Are you an intuitive thinker or a sensory thinker?

It is essential to understand how you operate in your most natural state. Intuitive thinkers have more of a creative mind and create value using their intuitive minds. Whereas sensory thinkers have a different approach in the way, they think. They add value by timing things correctly and use more of a methodical approach.


Entrepreneurs leverage themselves in different ways. Finding which way resonates with you can help you leverage with the most significant impact.

Some people are best suited to dealing with numbers and systems. These people use internal action dynamics to leverage. By asking the question, "how can this be done without me?" They create systems to automate the process without them to achieve the most excellent efficiency.

Others are better at dealing with people. and use external action dynamics to leverage their communication skills. They will create situations in their business that requires them personally to be needed by the other party. They ask, "How can this only happen with me?".

Millionaire Map

Once you understand your personality type for entrepreneurship, how you create value, and how you leverage that. You will then be shown where you are on the path to wealth.

You will be given a wealth spectrum with three spectrums to determine where you are. This will give you clarity and guidance on what to prioritize. It can help you identify any areas you are struggling with and what you have potentially been wasting time doing.

Foundation prism

The foundation prism will focus your attention on controlling your own flow. First of all, you need to be able to generate a large flow of value and money in your life. This level must be mastered before moving on to the next level.

Enterprise Prism

Once you have mastered the first level, this prism focuses on understanding the flow of the markets. At this level, you will need to be able to control money, manage investments, and transfer value to your teams.

Alchemy Prism

At this level, you will be controlling flow globally. Few people will reach this level as it is where the people who have power in creating the markets lie.

You must understand what level you are operating on. If you haven't mastered that level, you will be wasting time trying to operate in the next.

Using Trey Sinnett's Coaching Services

If you want to build and grow a successful business. Using an experienced business coach like Trey Sinnett can help accelerate that process for you. Many small business owners have chosen to do so with great success.

Trey Stinnett will assist you in eradicating any stress that is holding you back. He will help you build a company that works for you. Leaving you more time to enjoy your life as you see fit. You will discover his clients' tried-and-true ideas and cutting-edge business strategies to stay in the flow.