How To Find A Business Coach - Select The Right Mentor To Grow Your Company

Jul 17, 2022

Working with a coach can be a great help for entrepreneurs who are looking for an unbiased and objective opinion about their business. They can provide advice, guidance, and sometimes even connections to other people in the industry.

A good business coach can help you with many things. Including business strategy, marketing, and other aspects of running a successful company. They can help you with your work-life balance, improve your productivity and teach you how to be a better leader.

This article will cover how to find a business coach and what to look for in a good one. Let's dive in.

Note: Read our review of the best entrepreneurship coaching programs to take your business to the next level. We'll dive into each program, the benefits you'll receive, costs and more. 

How do I find a business coach or mentor?

Finding the right business coach or mentor can be difficult and is usually a large investment. However, a good business coach is worth it. You just need to find an experienced, trustworthy, and willing coach to guide you through the process. Here are a few options to find the right business coach for you:

  • Go through your network of friends and family and ask for advice from people with experience with starting businesses.

  • Look at your industry for entrepreneurs who have started businesses before and see if they offer business coaching services.

  • Look at online directories of business coaches and mentors.

  • Search online for “business coaching” or “business mentoring” in your area.

  • Use online resources such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook groups, and other sites that list coaches and mentors by specialty.

  • Ask if your company has a coaching program or if any of your professional associations offer mentoring services.

The Best Business Coach: Trey Stinnett

Trey Stinnett, also known as "The Flow Coach", helps small business owners create the ideal team and business plan. Personalized to each of his clients. He became a millionaire at 21 from real estate before breaking into public speaking for well-known celebrities like Daymond John and Tony Robbins (and earned over $10M+).

Trey now dedicates his life to assisting entrepreneurs who are under pressure. He aims to increase their income, reclaim their time, and experience unrestricted personal growth to find and maintain their flow.

With the aid of Wealth Dynamics, Wealth Spectrum, and other additional methods that have been essential to his success. Trey shows entrepreneurs how to take a mindful approach to every aspect of their business. He now concentrates on assisting business owners in finding their flow. Once you have discovered your unique flow type, you can start living on your terms.

Note: Try a free discovery session consultation with Trey. Trey will work with you to discover your entrepreneurship personality type, how to leverage your skills in the market and see if you are a good fit for coaching.

Wealth Dynamics Business Coaching

Wealth Dynamics is a subset of Jungian psychometric testing focusing on entrepreneurs' thinking and action dynamics. It is one of the world’s most effective profiling tools. After you take the test, your personalized report will provide clear guidance on the course to go with your career, business, and assets. 

Wealth Dynamics isn't just a profiling report with a list of simple recommendations. It is a solution that gives an entrepreneur:

  • Clarity on the path to success with the least amount of resistance.

  • Eight pathways to choose from. Each one has a list of biographies and recognized role models.

  • The ability to build the proper team and focus on the correct task with a six-step process.

  • Links to the development stages in business, giving transparency on leadership succession.

  • Links to industry, lifestyle trends, and country. Showing clearly when winning formulas become losing formulas.

Firstly you will find out what type of entrepreneur you are. The categories are split into 8 different profile types. They are: 

Once you have discovered what Wealth Dynamics profile type you are you can start to plan your path to success tailored to your strengths and weaknesses. When you realize what type of character you are, you can use similar role models to try and emulate.

Wealth Formula

After you have discovered exactly who you are and what makes you tick. The next step is to use that to create your wealth formula. The Wealth Dynamics profiles serve as a gateway to a more productive state known as 'flow.' The path of least resistance, or flow, is where you offer the most value and get the most done. To get into our flow we use the formula:


Note: Join Trey in the next Wealth Dynamics Workshop He'll go over the basic principles of entrepreneurship, strategies to avoid burnout, and if you are the right fit, he'll recommend one of his coaching programs. Find out more here.

The value is created in two different ways:

Intuitive thinking 

Intuitive thinkers are generally innovators. These people have creative minds and can use their intuitive thinking to create new value. An example of an intuitive thinker would be Bill Gates.

Sensory thinking 

These people add value by timing things correctly. Time is the most valuable asset; They don't need to create anything new or physical to create their wealth.

The other half of the equation is leverage and how we best use it depending on our personalities:

Internal action dynamic 

Some people are best suited to dealing with numbers and systems rather than people. These people use leverage by asking the question "How could this happen without me?".

This means they create systems to function without them so they don't have to be involved. They can walk away and let it accumulate cash flow for them.

External action dynamic

These are people who rely more on their communication skills and prefer to deal with people. They ask the question "How can this only happen with me?".

They will create situations where they have to be involved in something for it to succeed. The other party must be dependent on them. For example, there may be a sequel movie coming up that only they can play the role.

What does Trey's business coaching offer?

With Trey's business coaching you will encounter the above techniques and much more. In the one-day entrepreneur workshop event you will learn:

How to Automate Your Business

Get your freedom without sacrificing your business so you can spend more time with the people you love. Trey's coaching goes beyond good time management.

The Ancient Mindset to Eliminate Stress & Overwhelm for Good

Break away from the crowd and be like the 1%. Think, feel and act like a boss with no stress or anxiety.

How to Attract Clients Like Bees to Honey

You won't have to waste your time running around aimlessly chasing clients. You will be aware of the right type of clients to target. Instead of wasting your time with the wrong ones.

Number 1 Wealth-Building Strategy for Your "Entrepreneur Type"

You can finally obtain everlasting prosperity thanks to this revolutionary idea, which 85% of people aren't even aware of.

The 7-figure Formula

Use this method, which 7-figure earners use to do more in their businesses in half the time. You can complete your daily to-do list in half the time you normally would.

How to Utilize Communities to Amplify Your Impact

You will know how to stand above the competition in saturated markets. Building your tribe to become a close team and have a passionate following.

Flow Igniter Schedule

How to get into your primal state and pumped. This will enable you to be more creative, energized, and motivated. Having this type of energy can help you achieve greatness every day.

The Most Effective Hiring Strategy 

How to create the team that you need. These team members will be willing to do the jobs you hate. This can be done without spending much of your time and money.

You will also receive a free weekly productivity guide. This weekly task management system was created for entrepreneurs who have a lot on their plate. It helps you achieve your best results while enjoying your life!

Why Trey Stinnett's Coaching Is Above Other Business Coaches

It is vital that you find the right coach that can deliver the results you have been pursuing. It doesn't matter if you're just starting a new business or have had one for years. Trey's coaching has a proven track record of achieving business growth for nearly all of his clients. As well as working with some high-profile names like Daymond John and Tony Robbins.

Trey will help you get rid of any stress holding you back and create a business that serves you. Not the other way around. You will learn the time-tested concepts and cutting-edge business techniques that his clients employ to stay in flow.

You can join his community of like-minded entrepreneurs all on the same journey. To build freedom and self-awareness which will improve your personal life as well as your business. You will have the opportunity to work with guides and collaborate with partners. Having additional support like this can bring your vision to life a lot quicker than you imagined.