Wealth Dynamics Square: A Breakdown Of The Different Energies

Jun 30, 2022

Wealth Dynamics is a system that shows you the eight different paths to wealth. It was created to show how successful people have achieved wealth by following their natural path.

The system is designed to help you find your own path to wealth. It takes into account your talents and abilities. And shows you how you can use them to create wealth in a way that suits you best. Wealth Dynamics is a powerful tool that can help you achieve your financial goals.

8 Wealth Dynamics Profiles

With the help of Wealth Dynamics, you can quickly reach your full potential in a business or investment. By taking into account your entrepreneur personality type. The program shows you the 8 different personality types and routes to success. By analyzing each personality type you can identify which one you are. One of these pathways is more naturally suited to every person in the world than the others. Once you know which one you are you can accelerate your success. The 8 Wealth Dynamics profiles are:

  • Creator - Creating a better product
  • Star - Branding a unique identity
  • Supporter - Building a high-performance team
  • Deal Maker - Connecting the right people at the right time
  • Trader - Buying low, selling high at the right time
  • Accumulator - Buying and Building appreciating assets
  • Lord - Controlling cash generates assets
  • Mechanic - Creating a better system

What is the wealth dynamics square?

The link between the eight talent profiles is revealed by the Wealth Dynamics Square. Imagine it as an eight-sided mountain with various rivers running down each side. Our individual flow organically connects our dreams to our everyday lives. The two opposites in our thoughts and behaviors are represented by the square.

The Square is divided up into four parts. Each section has a seasonal element to show how seasons flow. As well as having an earth element to it. Spring/ Wood on the top, Summer/Fire on the right-hand side, Fall/Earth on the bottom, and Winter/Metal on the left. In the same way in which the seasons move, so too does the progression of our business.

Let's break down the different seasons/energies in the square and show where each wealth dynamics profile fits in:

The top half of the square is represented by intuitive thinkers. This is where value is created by innovation. The bottom half shows the more sensory thinkers. This is where good timing creates value. Both thinkers operate on a completely different frequency. They think about tasks in a completely different manner.

Dynamo Energy

Some of us tend to have more of a scatterbrain and daydreaming approach to thinking. These people believe that innovation is the key to creating value. The dynamo thinkers are on the top of the square in the spring/wood category.

Dynamic thinkers have an intuitive way of thinking. These people are highly creative and can think of ideas naturally on their own. Often intuitive thinkers don't need a lot of information to make a decision. This helps to solve a problem or come up with a decision relatively fast. They don't overanalyze situations and can often be confident in the decision they have made by pure instinct. Successful creators are better suited to delegating tasks. Except the creative process where they naturally shine.

Dynamo energy is on the wood/spring season. The wood/spring represents how in tune they are with themselves just like nature.

An example of someone who has dynamo energy would be Richard Branson or Bill Gates. Both are in the creator category.

Tempo Energy

On the other end of the square are the more sensory thinkers. They represent the earth/fall season. These people are more switched-on in their approach to thinking. They add value through their timing.

Someone with tempo energy has their ear to the ground. Unlike the head in the clouds approach like the dynamo energy. Tempo thinkers are far less creative than dynamos. However, they are more calculated and can often see details that a dynamo might miss.

Someone who would fit into the Tempo energy is George Soros from the trader personality.

Blaze Energy

Blaze energy is on the right-hand side of the square. They may sway more to being a more intuitive/sensory thinker or can be a mixture of both. These people represent the fire/summer season

The reason why they are on the right-hand side is to do with the way they act. This side is where all the extroverted characters would be. The fire represents how bold and out there these types of people are.

They like to be more involved with others in running their business. Their natural ability to communicate with people can help create useful connections and relationships.

Some examples of Blaze energy are Oprah Winfrey from the star profile or Donald Trump from the deal maker profile.

Steel Energy

Steel energy is on the left-hand side of the square. It is the metal/winter season. Just like the Blaze energy these people can be either intuitive/sensory thinkers. Or both.

The metal/winter combination is a representation of how these people can be seen as cold by others. They are highly introverted and would prefer to deal with facts and figures rather than engage with other people too much.

These people can come across as very calm and collective. They can be very specific and detailed in what they do.

A few examples of Steel energy are Warren Buffet from the accumulator profile. As well as Mark Zuckerberg from the mechanic profile. Another profile that could fit this energy would be successful lords.

Finding your energy

If you'd like to start your path to wealth creation it is important to understand which of these categories you fall into. You must understand how you fit into your natural path of wealth creation. This will help you become successful with the path of least resistance. It will help you work out your natural strengths and weaknesses and enable you to create a plan to utilize both. Following a plan that many wealth creators have in the past is a sure-fire way to succeed. 

Learn more about the Wealth Dynamics Personality Test and why knowing your personality type is important in scaling up your business here.

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