Is Wealth Dynamics A Scam? - A Review Of The Entrepreneurship Tool

Sep 13, 2022
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Knowing exactly what path to take can make your journey to wealth success effortless, natural and less challenging. A great way to do this is by implementing some type of assessment tool (for you and your employees), to identify strengths, increase synergy, and discover the workflow that best fits your business. This is why many entrepreneurs and business owners turn to personality tests as a must-have tool to discover the right path for growth.

While there are many systems and strategies out there, very few deliver high-quality results as well as the Wealth Dynamics entrepreneur personality type profiling tool does. But we know it's just smart business to do some research before you spend money on the right assessment tool, especially if you have been a victim of previous scams. Wealth Dynamics is NOT a scam. It will deliver quality results and provide actionable insights to improve your personal and professional life.

To help clear any doubts, we will go over some important details about how it works and the genius behind this world's leading profiling tool.

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What is Wealth Dynamics?

Wealth Dynamics is an entrepreneurship profiling tool developed in 2003 by leading wealth expert Roger Hamilton. Used by over 500,000 business owners, leaders, and entrepreneurs, this is the world's leading instrument that delivers results to help you build strong teams and successful businesses. The system is a psychometric test that is based on the work of Carl Jung related to psychological concepts and individuation, which separates the self out of each person's conscious and unconscious elements to identify the different psychological types.

The Wealth Dynamic system has roots in the five Chinese elements and the principles of flow that originated in China and were based on the alternating interlinking of opposites. It divides success strategies into eight categories to provide you with a 36-page report on your specific profile and a tailored wealth-building strategy. This effectively helps you identify your entrepreneur's strengths and weaknesses to understand how you should operate.


About Roger James Hamilton

Roger Hamilton is a well-known futurist, social entrepreneur, best-selling author on the New York Times, and business mentor who helps entrepreneurs expand their companies and find their flow. He is the author of various powerful books such as 'Wink and Go Rich' and 'Fast Forward Your Business - 8 Paths to Hyper Growth' . He is also the founder and chairman of The Genius group, which is a $300+ million conglomerate of businesses guiding the entrepreneur movement including Roger's companies GeniusU, Entrepreneurs Institute, and Entrepreneur Resorts.

The Wealth Dynamics Personality Test is part of the Entrepreneurs Institute which provides a full strategy to take your business from start-up to a global corporation. Other tools that make up this program include the Talent Dynamics, Impact Dynamics, Purpose Test, Passion Test and Genius Test.

Is The Wealth Dynamics System A Scam?

No, the Wealth Dynamics profiling tool is not a scam. Roger James Hamilton has been running the program for almost two decades now. The tool provides highly accurate results with an invaluable opportunity to learn how to build a profitable business. 

There are tons of positive online reviews on various websites from entrepreneurs worldwide who have better understood their strengths and learned how to work around their weaknesses. 

Several well-known organizations, including General Mills and the UK National Health Service (NHS), have used this excellent profiling tool, which is a testament to the program's credibility.

How Does It Work?

After taking the personality test, you will be assigned to one of the 8 different entrepreneurial profile types and receive a detailed 36-page report tailored to such profile. Each profile type displays unique characteristics so you must spend some time thoroughly reviewing the report and gain a more profound knowledge of your strengths and weaknesses to understand how to lead your growth process.

These results will help you get clarity on what business opportunities you should take or pass up on, find important gaps in your company and identify the type of people you need in order to fill them. You will get useful tactics, intuitive pathways, and relevant role models to follow so you can get useful ideas applied by successful people with your same personality type.

When it comes to building the right team, this assessment can be particularly useful as you will be able to bring the right people together and make sure they can support each other in the right areas. By focusing on tasks they're seamlessly good at, employees and business owners are less anxious, maximize their productivity, and even require fewer work hours to deliver results. This helps organizations maintain a state of flow and overall enjoyment.

Let's quickly go over the main characteristics of each of the 8 profiles.

The Creator

Creators have broad perspectives and are fantastic at getting things going although they often fail to finish what they start. Their energy and momentum can be draining for those around them, and they hardly ever know how to channel their enthusiasm and intuition for the best results. Some examples of successful creators are Bill Gates, Larry Ellison, Richard Branson and Walt Disney.

The Star

Stars are conscious of the power of their personalities and frequently take advantage of it without considering the potential harm it may do to those around them. They steal the show once Creators prepare the stage. Their unique magnetism is what makes them so valuable. However, the high demands on their time can frequently lead to burnout. Some examples of successful Stars include Arnold Schwarzenegger, Paul Newman, Oprah Winfrey and Anthony Robbins.

The Supporter

Supporters are good at building relationships. They excel at establishing connections but typically lack the knowledge necessary to make the most of their capacity to generate long-term riches in an enjoyable way. They are the best strongest leaders and are experts at motivating teams. Successful Supporters include Michael Eisner, Steve Case, Jack Welch, and Meg Whitman.

The Deal Maker

Dealmakers are excellent communicators, motivators, and negotiators and are adept at timing. They leverage by standing in front, similar to stars and supporters. However, they have their ears to the ground, unlike Stars who are usually high in the sky. They live in the present and add value through timing rather than creativity. Some examples of Deal Makers include Donald Trump, Henry Kravis, and David Geffen.

The Trader

Traders are experts on timing. They sell the assets and profit from the spread as opposed to the Deal Makers, who profit by combining resources and assets. To create their wealth, Traders must disengage, disconnect and be able to stay grounded while others may be losing their minds. While some get caught up in the current, value comes from waiting for and riding the proper wave. Some examples of successful Traders include Peter Lynch, Jim Rogers, and George Soros.

The Accumulator

Accumulators rely on a method to increase their wealth gradually. Many people who want to become wealthy pick this route, but because it is the slowest, they get restless and change their minds before they experience the success they had hoped for. Accumulators frequently go unnoticed and are perceived by many as being indecisive and procrastinators. They are reliable and consistent. Some examples include Warren Buffett, Paul Allen, and Sandy Weill.

The Lord

Lords are frequently in control of man-made constructions and natural resources. They move cautiously and slowly, which can irritate people around them and may be the root of many of their difficulties in building riches. Lords are known for their thrift and their appreciation of detail. Without possessing the assets, lords can extract the cash flow from them with perseverance and diligence to gather and maximize every dollar. Some of the best examples include Sergei Brin, Jean Paul Getty, and John D Rockefeller.

The Mechanic

A Mechanic can manage and control others without necessarily possessing charismatic leadership traits. Although they are resilient, they can often become preoccupied with the details at expense of the overall picture. While creators excel at initiating projects, mechanics excel at bringing them to fruition. They are true perfectionists, therefore they are constantly looking for ways to make things better.  Some examples include Henry Ford, Sam Walton, and Michael Dell.

Don't Take Anything For Granted

Remember, this entrepreneurship personality test is not a guarantee for future earnings. Simply finding out your personality type is not going to cut it, you must take action. The tool's value is in what you do with it, and no matter what stage your business is in, you can take it further. 

Wealth Dynamics offers you many other tools to help you move forward, such as The Wealth Spectrum and The Flow Workshop with coach Trey Stinnett, which includes personalized feedback to grow your business through your profile's natural path.

If you're ready to find your flow, take the Wealth Dynamics Test today to discover your incredible ability to get results and make more money!